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Day 49: How are the Ships doing? – BBNaija

11 September 2021
Some Ships have been sinking and other Ships are floating into the sunset.
BBnaija How are the ships doing

It has been a while since the last time we closely analysed that situation in the #BBNaija, it's high time we revisit the topic. So much has happened since then. The House is down seven fewer Housemates, imagine all the love found and probably lost, forever.

We had to say goodbye to the possibility of Peria, Michael and Jackie B, Sammie and Angel, Peace and Sammie, JMK and Cross and JMK and Whitemoney. So many probabilities which may only become realities outside the #BBNaija House.

There are, however, still some Ships in the House that could stand the test of time and Evictions. Let’s take a look at the situationships that are still standing or not.

Nini and Saga

Can we just give a moment to applaud the most consistent Ship in the #BBNaija House! 49% of you however said that they were more like “A smuggling vessel – looks like one thing, is actually another”. We agree they are something that they are denying to be. They tick all the boxes for a Ship, with the absence of aggressive cuddling but they are always whispering into each other’s ears at parties and under the blanket, they have been sharing for a long time now.

Emmanuel and Liquorose

In our poll, the majority of fans said that this Ship was “A cruise liner – it just goes around and around, and ends back where it started.” Boy, has Liquorose and Emmanuel proved us wrong! “EmmaRose” is now a trendy name buzzing through the internet’s “streets” and we are not surprised. The two Housemates became closer to a point where we see them regularly sharing kisses and acts of affection to one another. They even charged through week seven with Emmanuel as Head of House and Liquorose being his deputy with all the privacy a couple can get in the #BBNaija House.  

Queen and Boma

You saw it coming geng! A whopping 71 per cent of you felt that the Queen and Boma Ship represented “A bucket with holes in it”. These two Housemates, after being all lovey-dovey, became each other’s foe. We enjoyed all the gisting they did about each other once the Ship hit the fan.

Queen and Cross

Did you hear what happened between Cross and Angel last night at the Friday Jacuzzi Party? Cross himself heard it for the first time today and he was stunned. The pair shared lip licks and kisses in the Jacuzzi in a scene that looked like Queen was burning down her Ship with Whitemoney. Everyone got excited about the possibility of a Ship between Cross and Queen, hopes of which were shut down quickly when Cross woke up sounding like Nelly’s 2010 hit – “Just a dream”.

Queen told the Housemates that we were in the mood for some aggressive cuddling even though it didn’t get there. Cross is shocked as he actually thought he got frisky with Angel instead. Having said all of this, hopes of a Queen and Whitemoney Ship have been squandered. 50 per cent of you thought they were “A floating coconut – not impressive but going a long way”. This Ship doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anymore.

Cross and Saskay

There were high hopes for the Crosskay Ship but watching them has been causing us heartbreak for the last three weeks now. 47% of you said they were like a child’s bathtub – you can pretend all you like, but it ain’t gonna sail and 46% of you felt they were more like a luxury yacht – hard to get, but worth it. This was right because the back and forth is coming to a slow down as Cross explores possibilities with other female Housemates like Angel and Queen.

Saskay and Jaypaul

We all know that Sasjay has been causing Cross some heartache, but we are wondering where this pair is taking their Ship. Saskay has hinted at her desire to be in a polyamorous relationship which makes us understand the dynamics between her, Cross and Jaypaul but she has all said she didn’t want to get into anything serious yet because of a previously bad relationship experience. That doesn’t stop Jaypaul from planning to have flowers delivered to his beloved. That was a boss move in the Ship department, but did Cross da Boss think the same?

Jackie B and Whitemoney

64% of you said that they are “That boat with a sail missing – it’s going nowhere.” Oh dear, have we such little faith in them? For some reason, we are catching the vibe that they are testing the waters, still getting to know each other but Jackie B’s most recent involvement with Michael might be the reason why this Ship might not take off. They are comfortable around each other though as we saw them cuddling up in the Executive lounge when they were selected by EmmaRose to enjoy a Showmax reward. They talk a lot now, but Whitemoney has been honest about how he feels about her, and she has also made attempts to explain that the feelings are not mutual.

Cross and Angel

Since Sammie left, Cross and Angel have gotten closer, but we can’t really put a finger on what it is they are floating on. A Ship or simply cruising? There’s a bit of competition from Yousef who seems to be haphazardly shooting his shots at Angel and other ladies in the #BBNaija House.

Yousef and Angel

Cruise is cruise and some Ships are like a cruise. Yousef and Angel have been consistent in sharing intimate moments on screen. These moments are usually triggered by the bevvies from the parties, but could there be more going on between these two? We won’t rule anything out yet since the two Housemates are still in the #BBNaija House. 

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