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Day 48: The strategic poses of the season –  BBNaija

10 September 2021
Strategy is a big word in the BBNaija House and we are wondering if this season lacks any spice to drive the strategic train.
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Strategy is one of the most popular words in BBNaija history and this season is no different. Right from the first week a lot of the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ Housemates claimed to have no strategy but one thing stood out in all these; They were quick to call out their colleagues for having a strategy. 

The accused
A few of the Housemates who faced serious accusations of having a strategy or playing out a script were; Angel, Whitemoney, Pere, Maria and Boma.

Angel was one of the first Housemates to be accused of having a strategy because she was openly flirtatious with a lot of the men, especially during the first few weeks of the show. Some Housemates felt this was all a strategy to make themselves interesting in the House. Angel came out to debunk all this claiming she was sexually independent and definitely not playing any script.

Whitemoney faced heavy accusations of trying to play a script when Pere became the HoH. He was accused of Kitchen monopoly and was accused of using the Kitchen as a strategy. Pere was seen on occasions having conversations with Maria about how fake Whitemoney was and how everything he was doing was a strategy.

Pere himself did not escape being fingered as an individual who has a strategy. Pere was widely not trusted by a lot of the Housemates after it was revealed he and Maria were wildcards. His attitude towards some Housemates like Whitemoney also led his fellow Housemates to believe he could be playing a script.

Maria was a Wildcard, an amazing actress (the fake nomination/eviction assignment) and according to her fellow Housemates, quite loud. After carrying out the Wild card and Fake nomination/eviction Task flawlessly, it was easy for her fellow Housemates not to trust her and assume she had a strategic reason for everything she did. 

Boma aka Mr. Okra faced heavy criticism towards the end of his stay in the House as a strategist who carefully planned what happened to him in the House. One of the people who made this accusation was Queen who heavily accused him saying there was a day she saw him come to the Lounge and ask who/what was going to be his highlight for the day. Queen never let that moment slide and always recounted that moment to push the narrative that Boma was a strategist.

Queen explains her confrontation with Boma

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