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Day 48: Is EmmaRose real, or is it all a game? – BBNaija

10 September 2021
Is everyone's favourite couple the real deal or this is all a game to the parties concerned?
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We love love, so we will be the first to admit we’ve been on ‘ship’ watch since BBNaija Shine Ya Eye kicked off in July. Admittedly, Big Brother Naija is no dating agency and this we are well aware of, but you cannot deny that shenanigans of a sexy nature will always ensue when you throw members of both sexes into a house, lock them in and call it a day (not that we’re complaining).

Many ships and potential ones have come and gone this season, but one in particular seems to be holding steady and sailing the high seas with very little turbulence; the EmmaRose ship. Emmanuel and Liquorose’s connection has been noticeable from the start. These two have literally been stuck like glue since the ladies walked into the House that second day. It all began as a strong friendship where it seemed like Liquorose was doing most of the talking and opening up, but with time (and a stern talking-to), Emmanuel eventually toed the line and broke out of his shell (just a little bit).

The whole House knew Emmanuel and Rose were attached at the hip, but no one was sure what was happening there. Liquorose also, seemed to be a little confused. During the infamous Wildcards saga, Emmanuel had picked Liquorose as a Wildcard in a private Diary Session with Big Brother. When news broke that Emmanuel had fingered his bestie as a Wildcard, all hell broke loose and Liquorose felt betrayed that Emmanuel, despite spending all this time with her, didn’t know her well enough to realise his suspicions were wrong.

Eventually, Emmanuel apologised and Liquorose forgave, and the ship set sail. It would seem Wildcardgate gave Liquorose the confidence to quiz Emmanuel about the current state of their relationship (or close friendship?) She insisted she didn’t want to chase Emmanuel around but wanted to know if he really likes her and more than "just friends". Emmanuel said for him, it was more than friendship – and this was enough for the two. 

Since then, the ship has sailed smoothly (from where we stand) with cute dance lessons and private time in the HoH Lounge, but we’ve heard whispers from some of their fellow Housemates that insinuate there might be trouble in paradise. Angel recently shared how Emmanuel has been flirting with other women in the House behind Liquorose’s back, an observation she says JMK also made on her first night in the House. Angel has also mentioned how Emmanuel has been telling her how he can’t wait to see her outside the BBNaija House. Light banter, harmless flirting, or an indication that it’s all a game?

One thing we know for sure though is that Big Brother Naija is just that; a game – and anyone can play it the way they want to. With that said, it’s a fact too that real connections can be made and families can and have been built as a result (as we have seen with former BBNaija Housemates). Is EmmaRose real, or is it not that deep? What are your thoughts, BBNaija fam?

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