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Day 47: Talking to fish a strategy, or innocent? – BBNaija

09 September 2021
Talking to the goldfish is no crime, but are some using it for other motives?

Housemates are loving their pets and have taken to talking to their goldfish. While passing time at the dining table with Cross, Yousef started playing with his pet goldfish as if he was training it for some form of apocalypse. His playful tone had social media laughing at how persistent he was when he spoke to his pet.

Yousef playfully instructed Nemo to move and stop as and when requested, and surprisingly little Nemo did as he was told and followed every command. Yousef’s excitement at this discovery had him beaming with excitement over his new powers of being able to talk to his pet.

Cross, on the other hand, who had previously mentioned that he’s getting close to understanding his fish, joined in the fun. Although he didn’t say much as he played with his pet, you could tell he wished to pet Targaryan, but the water got in the way. Nini and Saga are always having funny conversations with their pets too – and in the mornings, you will find almost the whole House talking to their fish about what they want to eat.

Sad stories
Not all the stories that are being told to the fish however are general talkYesterday, Jaypaul slipped away from everyone and had a moment with his fish in the garden. He spoke to his fish, telling his new friend an emotional story about his life and everything he has been through. He then also filed out names of the people he wanted to thank who are outside the House, who have been there for him and continue to support him. 

Angel too has had a couple of emotional moments with her fish, Cranky. She has even shed tears as she has relayed her life story and told the fish some things she wants to get off her chest. Playing and talking to the goldfish gifted to them by Biggie seems to be a favourite pastime for all the Housemates these days. Do some Housemates find it easier to open up to the goldfish, as opposed to opening up to their fellow Housemates – and in some cases Big Brother? 

On the other hand, social media users have also been debating whether some of the Housemates are using fish talk as a strategy to talk to family, friends and supporters, but we’re not certain. What are your thoughts, #BBNaija fam? Share them now in the comments!

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