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Day 47: Shine Ya Eye commandments – BBNaija

09 September 2021
10 commandments to live by in the Shine Ya Eye House.
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The Shine Ya Eye geng have been able to get by these few weeks following certain commandments and so far, they have worked for… some of them. So, in the event that you ever find yourself in the House, you might want to observe these 10 commandments.

Before we go any further, you speak sarcasm, right? You do? Cool, cool, we just wanted to make sure. Alright, let’s get into it.

The Shine Ya Eye commandments

Be resilient in the pursuit of your crush. They might have someone on the outside, but who cares? Not Saga, so why should you? 

Be willing to share your boo. In the great words of Harrysongz, even your boo get a boo. So, instead of throwing a tantrum or exchanging fists, why don’t you just share. There’s so much love to go ‘round and as they say, there is love in sharing, so always be willing to share. Look at Cross and Jaypaul.

Give in to your pleasurable desires. Don’t fight it. Give in and let your body fulfill that fantasy you've always had, even if it's with a Housemate who is betrothed to someone else. If anyone calls you out on it, tell them it was a script, and you played your part. You terrific actor!

Thou shall gossip often: Don't hoard that juicy founded or unfounded gist to yourself, spill and talk like you have no filter! Did you do something freaky between the sheets? C'mon, my friend, let's have it. Don't spare any details. Embellish if you must. The truth will come out later, but for now, we are loving this 'burnt dodo' you are offering. 

Always go on tour when your relationship hits a bump. How else will everyone know what your partner did? The Garden should be the starting point, followed by the Lounge, the Arena, and the Bedroom where you share why you and your partner don't get along. Consider holding a press conference or doing a one-on-one interview. Try to act a little frustrated when people ask what went wrong with your ship, then proceed to tell them the whole story.

Do not back down from a shouting match. Most times, you have to shout to be heard in the Shine Ya Eye House and you can’t let anyone take you for a punk. Match your opponent shout for shout. Shout when you are upset, when you aren’t, when you are happy and really for no reason.

 Always do the Dare. Go ahead, don’t be shy. The game becomes a lot more fun when you do. Will you end up fighting with your boo because you gave the newcomer a kiss? Certainly! But you guys will grow from it and be the bestfriends ever.

Always rock a fancy hairdo. Yup! You have to find your beauty even if it means adorning your head with different colourful braids and weave. Does it fit you? errr... not exactly, but we love the confidence you've got going on for you.

Thou shall hoard noodles. You will be grateful you did when the food shortage hits. Keep it in your bag or underneath your bed. Just make sure you have noodles when famine arises. Will it cause fight or disagreements? Most likely, but guess who will be fighting on a full stomach? You!

Be manipulative. Sometimes, getting your way and advancing your game requires a bit of manipulation. The wildcards did it and they got far, well one of them did and it could be you.

Jackie BJaypaulLiquoroseQueenSagaSaskay, and Whitemoney have been Nominated for Eviction this Sunday You can  VOTE  to Save your favourite Housemate via the Africa Magic website   HERE  and the  Africa Magic mobile site  by selecting contestants of your choice and entering your number of votes and click  VOTE. Voting via these platforms is limited to 100 votes per user. You can also download the  MyGOtv  and  MyDStv  Apps for additional  Votes.  Votes  are free and  Votes  are allocated based on your subscription packages. The voting window closes by 9pm on Thursday, September 9, 2021.