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Day 46: Sasjay break up – BBNaija

08 September 2021
Jaypaul has sunk the Sasjay ship – and it's been a teary evening for Saskay.

It's been an emotional evening for the pair as Jaypaul called it quits with his pursuit of the Sasjay ship.

Although the circumstances around the break-up are unclear, it seems Jaypaul turning up his mack on Saskay in the past few days has been wound all the way down and he's backing away from Saskay. Could it have to do with Saskay and Cross getting super close this week?

After a lengthy back and forth for the past couple of weeks between the two love interests in the House, it seems Saskay is still struggling to get through the idea of having to pick between Cross and Jaypaul. Jaypaul's mack game lately may have put some unintended pressures on her to choose someone and having seen how distraught she was after Ebuka's enquiry of her love triangle – we think she may be having a hard time dealing with this kind of pressure. Saskay has made it clear she does not want to get into a relationship in the House and likes to take her time when it comes to pursuing relationships.

Jayapul has willingly backed off from this situationship and we are of the mind that he may just be tired of chasing pavements given all the uncertainty around Saskay's interest in him. Jaypaul says at some point he's trying to make sure he's not overwhelming Saskay and at the same time protects himself. He believes he's ready to adjust to a new kind of friendship in the House but Saskay is unsure if it is possible for them to go back to being just fellow Housemates.

It seems the breakup was sudden and even Saskay was surprised by it, considering the two had recently shared a kiss. After the pair spoke, Jaypaul took to the garden and sat alone and seemed to catch his breath as he was going through the feels. The next to go to the garden was Saskay as she cried alone on the day bed. She later isolated herself for the rest of the night as she tried to deal with this unexpected heartbreak but Jaypaul re-emerged to talk to her and iron out a few things about this new development.

Saskay tried to reason with him by asking him to be straightforward and explicitly stipulate what this new dynamic will be. In as much as they both haven't figured it out Jaypaul insists that they should focus on making it through this week and see how it goes and he will continue to have her best interests at heart and defend her if need be.

On the other hand, Cross is considering a new love interest in the House and seems to be eager to pursue Angel. We wonder what he will do if he learns of Sasjay's sinking ship? Will he refocus his energies on Saskay or will he be moving on with Angel? We have so many questions but only time will tell how this love interest will turn out. Hopefully Cross does not end up in a triangle of his own now that he's moving on.

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