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Day 45: Cross wants the Executive Lounge experience – BBNaija

07 September 2021
In a record-breaking Diary Session today, Cross maxed a 35-minute tête-à-tête with Biggie and he had a lot to get off his chest and he wants chicken.

Diary sessions in the House are riddled with often serious and sometimes downright ridiculous confessions and revelations. If we know anything by now, Cross’s Diary Session had us laughing throughout this one on one. The moment he sat on that couch we knew Cross was about to tell it all. 

Cross may have 99 problems but he knows the difference between falling in love and loving someone and he’s laying it down for Biggie. He says falling in love easily is a difficult task in the House, but he’s open to love and he’s currently falling for someone in the House. 😉  We know who this is. In essence, Cross has his eyes on love for now but however, his love story turns out he hopes by opening himself to love he will get lucky with one of the beautiful ladies in the Shine Ya Eye geng. He seems to have his eyes set on one particular Housemate and in his chat with Jackie B we think he's going for Angel now. Well, goodbye to complex triangles with Saskay and hello to shipping possibilities! Like any good friend, Jackie B insists that Cross must shine his eyes and not be used by the ladies, late as it may have been we think he's got some words to heed now.

...Cue violin... Cross wants chicken in the Executive Lounge. 

After a series of unending pleas to Biggie for access to the Executive Lounge, Cross has once again asked Biggie to gain access to the Executive Lounge, – “It has chicken and I love chicken.” Housemates have raved to cross about the delicious chicken, drinks, and the different types of grapes that are in there but Cross has not yet had the luck to have access to the Lounge since his first entry on the day he first arrived in the House. Maybe it’s the energy he’s on about but can someone pick him for a movie already. We think this frustration sounded close to a threat to Biggie but as you know anything is possible with him, we wonder if he will be his blesser like he did in the past.

Cross says he is aware that the HoH Challenges are a game of luck but he is adamant his aura hasn’t been attracting enough luck for him. He believes that luck is attracted to energy and his big question is how does luck not favour him. In dissecting this question, Cross gave insight into Emmanuel’s HoH win where he believed luck goes to who needs it the most. Does it or are the Housemates just pushing for survival, in any case this topic is interesting and we guess we will leave it to the energy gurus in the no sleep geng to give their take? However, we are hopeful that he thinks luck will pick him at the right time when he most needs it. 

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