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Day 44: Whitemoney kisses Queen – BBNaija

06 September 2021
Peck or not – Whitemoney has kissed Queen and we are excited about this blossoming ship.

Whitemoney and Queen may just be lovestruck and we are loving this ship, from their love for cooking to hilarious flirting; we have been getting a front row seat into that Whitemoney and Queen kind of love. Their love for food had them giving the most iconic description of how they would prepare their meals for each other. We know if this romance blooms, their home is set for a healthy and bountiful household with warm and hearty meals. 

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While chatting, Queen spontaneously mentioned her wish to become Head of House one day but needs the strength – and a kiss would do her right in keeping her energy up for the HoH Challenges. Whitemoney was shyly hesitant at first but was curious to know exactly how Queen’s energy could possibly be replenished by his kiss. We guess it; he has that Supa Komando touch. Well, peck or not the two shared a kiss and it’s the most intimate we’ve seen them before. 

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After his earlier revelation about being an emotional person, we guess Whitemoney has found some meaningful connection with Queen given that they spend a lot of time together, from the kitchen to the parties - these two are inseparable lately. 

Although they haven’t made anything official, we are curious to see how this "love interest" plays out. How much time will Whitemoney need to work on himself before he can actually ship with her, or will he just grab this opportunity and set sail already. 

Whatever the case may be, we know that Whitemoney vowed to learn as much as he can about love in the House before his time is up. Could Queen be the one to teach him?

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