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Day 44: Jaypaul turns up the mack– BBNaija

06 September 2021
Jaypaul opens up to Saskay about their kiss and the possibility of making it official

This love bug needs no introduction to the Jaypaul and Saskay ship, while the two have significantly become closer with one another today’s chat between these two has us wondering if Saskay is ready to make things official. 

The pair sat in the garden to enjoy the romantic scene of the cloudy morning with a short drizzle as they spoke about love and the possibility of shipping. Jaypaul started his conversation by pointing out that it’s human nature to do some things we say we wouldn’t do to affirm Saskay on her perspective of shipping in the House. 

Although the two have shared a passionate kiss recently,  Jaypaul says whether she makes anything out of this or they turn out to be acquaintances he promises to love her in every way she wants to be loved. Whew, we can feel the love with this one. 

In his chat, he says he doesn’t want to instill fear or impose anything on her –one rule is to not do anything to hurt him and he promises to push for her and root for her. This heartfelt one on one revealed Jaypaul’s reservations about shipping too – he fears being taken for granted. However, he is adamant that even if the energy between them is not the same he will keep pushing for her because his greatest joy is seeing her do her best. 

The ships are sailing in this House but with more tough decisions to be made and it’s down to Saskay to finally come around and openly claim this man who is after her heart. In his words, “my life is just beginning in a new direction and I’ve experienced a few” – hopefully, this Sasjay ship will be one of the few experiences he can count on. 

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