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Day 43: Week 6 in Biggie’s House – BBNaija

05 September 2021
This week came with surprises, huge wins and a healthy dose of gbas gbos.
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From the beginning of the week, it was clear there was going to be something exceptional about it, and boy, were we right. To kick things off, the geng had a therapy session before the Head of House games where we had not just one but two Heads of House for the first time. The Head of House Games saw Jackie B and Jaypaul winning the coveted title for the first time ever. Although, this was Jackie B’s third time in the HoH bedroom. Twice a Deputy and now, she’s the co-head lady in charge.

So, as you can see, we knew we were in for a rollercoaster of a week and there were certainly a lot of surprises. The next surprise came almost immediately when all the Housemates found out they were all on the chopping block.

You get Nominated! You get Nominated! Everyone gets Nominated

Well, the two Heads of House got Saved by virtue of their Immunity, but not everyone else. All 15 of the Housemates were Nominated for possible Eviction. As it stands, their fates will be revealed later tonight but we can’t help but remember the moment they got notified that they were all up for possible Eviction. Although they tried to put on a brave face and tried to brush off the sense of doom, that did not last long. They soon started revealing how they really felt during their Diary Sessions.

The Dairy Room revelations

While Liquorose was feeling optimistic, her heart was racing extra fast because this was her first time being Nominated. Saga was feeling good because he had always suspected he was going to get Nominated anyway. Speaking of Saga, his deviant behaviour landed him on Biggie's naughty list, and he wasn't the only one, Nini was as well. The two apologised to Biggie and both seemed remorseful. Hopefully, we do not have a repeat of this. Whitemoney was in a good mood since being Nominated was nothing new to him. It also helped that he and the other Housemates got new toys to play with – and play they did!

Jam session

To spice things up in the House, Biggie came through for the geng with sets of musical gadgets. Almost immediately the House came alive with fun tunes, amazing voices and… Cross’ voice. Late into the night they played; singing, and jamming.

While some Housemates played music instruments, others played a different kind of game. Side eye Boma and Tega… Jaypaul and Saskay? Yup, we spotted them in between the sheets too. Kiss kiss, lovey-dovey.

The Tasks

Away from the jam sessions and undercover lovers, the geng had a lot of interesting Tasks to keep them busy and fill their pockets with riches. From Closeup to Boomplay and Pepsi, the geng had a swell time testing their knowledge and coming up with creative content for their Tasks. Congrats to all the winners this week, they all deserved it. Michael won a whopping 2.5 million Naira, an all-expenses-paid trip to the One Music Fest Dubai and a year’s supply of Pepsi. That’s quite something! Jackie B who once complained about her luck in games emerged winner in the Boomplay playlist round and got five hundred thousand Naira. They weren’t the only ones; all the Housemates had a taste of victory this week. Pepsi promised to take all 17 of them to Dubai for the One Africa Fest.

However, it wasn't just fun and winning, things got heated in the House as well.

The fierce fights

After their first fight, Boma and Angel got into it again, and this time it was a lot fiercer. After being accused of kissing and telling, a heated exchange took place between Boma and Angel that shook the House. Insults were hurled, other parties were dragged in, and the internet was buzzing. Queen and Pere also got into a shouting match, but that was a spillover from the altercation with Whitemoney over face towels and pillowcases. What a week!

Abeg Friday Night Games

The geng seemed to be full of energy and what a better place for them to channel that energy than into the Abeg Friday Night Games. Congratulations to Emmanuel and Peace for emerging victorious. That feat called for a celebration and that's what they did at their Jacuzzi Party.

Jacuzzi and Owambe

After a captivating Jacuzzi Party, the Housemates got to party in style at the Owambe themed Saturday Night Party. Just like their HoHs, they also got two DJs to thrill them. What a way to end the week.

Whitemoney Angel BBNaija
Party over BBNaija
Emmanuel BBNaija
Peace BBNaija
Boma BBNaija
Tega Jaypaul BBNaija
Saskay BBNaija
Michael BBNaija
Pere BBNaija
Jackie B BBNaija
Liquorose BBNaija
Pere, Cross BBNaija
Boma and the Ladies BBNaija
Angel Cross BBNaija
Cross BBNaija
Nini and Saga BBNaija
Yousef BBNaija
Saga BBNaija
Whitemoney Angel BBNaija

As the Live Eviction draws nigh, the Housemates can still rest assured that no matter the outcome, they had an amazing week with memories that will linger for years. Wishing them all the best tonight. May the best man/woman evade Eviction.

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