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Day 42: Jaypaul holds it down – BBNaija

04 September 2021
A hectic morning, but Jaypaul proves capable.
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Ever since he become joint Head of House, the spotlight has been on Jaypaul. He seems to be having quite an incredible time and recently, he has had quite an eventful time. Earlier this morning, he made a pledge to his love interest before providing succour to a hurting Housemate.

True defender

Like a true Knight defending his queen’s honour, Jaypaul vowed to defend Saskay in any situation. Like Dr. Bruce Banner, he promised to activate that rage-filled side of him to protect her from any harm. Let’s hope we never get to see Jaypaul turn into the Incredible Hulk. In the meantime, things seem to be getting pretty serious between Saskay and Jaypaul. Earlier, he asked Biggie if he could get some flowers. We wonder what he has planned and what this gesture eventually portends for what she and Cross share.

Watch Jaypaul vow to defend Saskay

Wise words for Michael

After the emotional and turbulent night he had, Michael could do with some encouraging words and lucky for him, Jaypaul was there with those soothing words. Michael emotions ran high last night during the Jacuzzi party, and seeing he wasn’t still in the best of moods this morning, Jaypaul reminded him how hard he had worked for this opportunity to be in the House and how important it was to use this opportunity given to them. He also reminded him to try to keep his rage in check. As a cautionary tale, he said everything could be taken in an instant due to any minor slip up.

Watch Jaypaul give Michael moral support

On the whole, Jaypaul seems like a standup guy seeing how he comes through for his fellow Housemates. He has also had a beautiful week and proven he is up to the challenge. His reign continues for a few more days; here’s hoping he keeps coming through.

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