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Day 42: Emotions run free at the Jacuzzi Party – BBNaija

04 September 2021
The Jacuzzi party was an amazing blend of fun, dance, and emotional moments.
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The Friday night Jacuzzi Party this week was as expected, a blast for the Housemates. Right on the heels of a completed Task, the Housemates partied vigorously to good music, food and drinks. This week Biggie also chose to surprise the Housemates in the most pleasant of ways.

Bump and grind

As is the tradition, the Housemates left no stone unturned as they danced to the rhythms dished out by Biggie. Peace, Liquorose, Angel and Queen were particularly really invested in their dance routines while the likes of Cross did not let such frisky moments pass him by.

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Pleasant surprises

In the middle of the party, Whitemoney rushed out of the House screaming “That’s my song, that’s my song!” Apparently, the song that was playing that instant was his record. The look on his face when he told his Housemate was nothing but pure joy.

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In a few minutes, Jaypaul was jumping also screaming “That’s my song!” and the Housemates flocked to him to celebrate because just like Whitemoney, Biggie was playing his record at the party. He shed a little tear and continued to party with his fellow Housemates.

Just when we thought Biggie was done surprising the Housemates, Michael’s song came on and it led to another bout of celebration from the Housemates. Just like Jaypaul, he also shed tears of joy.

1630725364 56 mikul

Post party emotions

After the party, a little drama happened with Michael punching a hole in the wall before he was called by Biggie into the Diary Room. Liquorose was at hand to lend emotional support to him after that whole scenario. Michael was not the only one to experience an emotional moment after the party, because Jaypaul was also seen shedding tears in the garden with Saskay. Could hearing their songs have stirred up these emotions in them? We can’t wait to find out.

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