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Day 41: A touchy afternoon game – BBNaija

03 September 2021
It was another afternoon of spicy games and fun in the #BBNaija House.
BBNaija A touchy afternoon game

Today, after receiving the winners brief of the Close-Up Task, the Housemates celebrated and decided to play a game of “How well do you know your Shine ya Eye Housemates?”.

The rules were simple. A Housemate had to sit in a chair blindfolded. He or she had 10 seconds to feel another Housemate’s face and start guessing whose it was. If they got the name wrong, the Housemate had to choose to either drink or perform a dare. No dare was to be left undone.

The first Housemate to go was Pere. He easily guessed Tega’s face by touching it. Next up was Jackie B. The Housemates tried to trick her a little by bringing different Housemates to confuse her. They put Saga in the wig Tega was wearing and even with a wig on, Jackie B managed to guess him out.

They had to revise the game to make it a little more difficult. The Housemates were not allowed to talk or laugh. Yousef went next and he had to guess Liquorose’s face. He went about feeling her face for nearly a minute and he guessed it was Peace. Yousef had to choose to either drink or dare and he chose the dare. Angel hopped in and dared him to give them a “strip show” for 30 seconds. They started singing, and oh boy! Yousef gave us a show and his 30 seconds ended just after he removed his shirt. 😁

Cross went into the seat next, and he had to feel up on Pere’s face. He didn’t answer so he had to feel his face again. This time around they brought in Emmanuel’s face to trick him. He seemed to be enjoying it as he took his time pressing his cheeks, nose, and lips until he correctly guessed it was Emmanuel.

Tega’s turn was interesting. She had to feel Peace’s face and she got her correctly. That’s when they realised that feeling the face was too easy, so they would have to start feeling each other’s hands or their sense of smell to guess.

Michael went next and he had to feel up Queen’s hands. They made sure to add some extras so he could get it in one go. He didn’t get the name right and he chose the dare. He was dared to sniff any Housemate’s armpit and he chose Tega’s. He did it with ease! According to Michael, Tega’s armpits smell fresh!👀

When it was Saga’s turn, he said “Just leave my eye open, I will shut them in my mind”. What a jokester! He had to feel and guess Jaypaul’s hands, and he incorrectly guessed they were Michaels. He chose the dare and Angel dared him to act like five different animals. Geng, Saga perfectly executed human, ostrich, monkey, ‘Nigerian’ rat, and lazy snake behaviour.   

Emmanuel went next. He had to guess Nini’s hands, and he immediately said Nini, but he also had doubts when he mentioned that they could be Peace’s hands. Emmanuel chose Nini as his final answer, and he escaped both the drink and the dare. Liquorose went next and she had to feel Cross’ hands and she guessed him correctly.

Peace went next and she had to feel Cross’ hands. It was a tough one for her as she incorrectly guessed Michael. Peace chose a dare, and she had to seductively dance on top of Pere. What a show, what a show!😅

We are feeling these impromptu games the Housemates are coming up with. They are finally giving us some action besides all the slumber we have seen them indulge in over the last six weeks. We can’t wait to see what else the Shine Ya Eye geng has up their sleeves.

Here's a little snippet:

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