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Day 40: Saskay and Jaypaul kiss – BBNaija

02 September 2021
Last night, Saskay and Jaypaul took their “friendship” to a new level.
Day 40: Saskay and Jaypaul kiss – BBNaija

Saskay and Jaypaul’s passionate kiss may be the long-awaited answer we needed to their confusing love triangle involving Cross. Or is it?

In the late hours of the evening as Cross was preparing to sleep, he planned to share a bed with Saskay after his shower – and told her as much. However, by the time he came back, Jaypaul had already made himself comfortable in the bed with Saskay.

Seeing that he was too slow to draw, Cross then picked a bed across the two Housemates and called it a night.

While everyone else slept the night away, Saskay and Jaypaul took things to another level and engaged in an intimate French kiss that made us clutch our pearls and subsequently lit up the social media streets. Talk about piping HOT tea.

In the past few days, Saskay has been faced with a tough decision to make – choosing Cross or Jaypaul for a potential hip. Both men have told Saskay how much they like her, but Jaypaul seems to be the one who has thrown his all into it. Every chance he gets, you will find Jaypaul in Saskay’s vicinity or stuck firmly to her side.

Following this week’s emotional Evictions, Saskay moved her things from her old bedroom to the bedroom Cross is in (possibly to get closer to her love interest, or because of the availability of sleeping space?) but Jaypaul has followed her there too, possibly to keep an eye on Cross and Saskay? 🤔

What has been looking like a love triangle may soon be no more, given the series of events that happened last night between her and Jaypaul.

In her chat with Peace, she shared that Cross doesn’t put in as much effort getting to know her, while Jaypaul has been forthcoming and sweet towards her. She revealed that he professed his feelings for her and mentioned that he loves her.

It seems she has a soft spot for Jaypaul and this kiss has cemented her decision about this triangle, well at least until her next interaction with Cross. Although she once told Tega that she’s not here to ship with anyone, we are curious to know if this kissing moment has changed Saskay’s mind about shipping.

Although their kiss was not seen by other Housemates, we wonder if the news will come to light by way of either Saskay or Jaypaul's confession. We wonder how Cross will react when he finds out.

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