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Day 40: CrossKay or SasJay? – BBNaija

02 September 2021
The pursuit of love, affection and company has landed this trio in a triangle that hasn’t been easy navigating.
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Saskay has been on the receiving end of affection from multiple men ever since she stepped into the BBNaija House. From Yousef to Jaypaul and Cross, all immediately signified interest in jumping on a ship with her and sailing the vast ocean of love.

In the case of Yousef, she had no interest in having anything with him, but she had a soft spot (or maybe two) for the other two guys. Unfortunately, she has mentioned she has no desire to build a ship or romantic connection with anyone while she’s in the House (even though last night's kiss with Jaypaul has quickly scattered those plans). She does seem to have a hold of these men and they can’t seem to stop dreaming about the ship that could be, while holding on to the triangle that binds them together.

The triangle

Things got complicated quite early in the Show when both Cross and Jaypaul started developing mutual feelings for Saskay. It may not have been love at the first sight, but we can’t rule out the second or third. Cross immediately became vocal about his feelings for Saskay, especially in the Diary Room, where he repeatedly expressed his feelings to Biggie. He described how he found her interesting and rated her highly. Likewise, Jaypaul started confiding in close Housemates about how much he likes Saskay.

Watch Jaypaul talk about his feelings here

It gets more complicated

While Saskay finds Cross' company interesting and enjoyable, she has reservations about his behaviour. She finds him too expressive with his sexuality around the House. Cross on his part felt she wasn’t giving him a fair chance. A claim she was quick to deny.

Watch Saskay counter his claim here

In fact, Saskay was of the opinion that Cross wasn’t putting in enough work for someone who wants her the way he claims to. 

Watch Saskay tell Peace here

Jaypaul on the other hand seems to understand Saskay's stance of not wanting to be in a relationship, but also enjoying the company of having someone special. He goes all out to show how much he cares for Saskay and in so doing, keeps positioning himself as the best man should she decide to change her mind.

When asked by Ebuka about the situation with Jaypaul and Cross, Saskay said there was nothing to it. She had made them understand that even though she liked them, she wasn’t interested in a relationship with any of them. She simply just enjoyed the attention she got from both of them. She did express concern though that it might appear like she is manipulating them, and reiterated that she already told both parties every step of the way that there was nothing going on.

Indecisive Saskay

Saskay does love both their companies but deciding whose company she cherishes the most is a tall feat for her. Most days, she spends her time shuffling between Cross and Jaypaul. One minute, she is locked in a deep conversation with Cross, the next minute she is in bed cuddling with (and as of last night, kissing) Jaypaul.

Watch Saskay and Jaypaul share a heated moment

The cuddle sessions paint a picture that she is tilting towards Jaypaul, but quite recently Cross called in the big guns as he and Pere serenaded Saskay with a heartfelt song. The outcome was a long passionate embrace. 

Figuring out who Saskay is closer to has also become a hot topic both outside and inside the House. While BBNaija fans are busy picking sides and figuring out who they think is the best fit for Saskay, Cross is also dealing with side comments in the House about who she is really closer to. “Only you and I actually know how close we are to each other,” Saskay said allaying his fears.

Watch her teach Cross how to deal with side comments

Saskay still can't decide who she wants, but while she ponders on that, she is living her best baby girl life and is enjoying being the centre of attention for two charming young men, who are evidently close to her heart.

The men have made peace with it

Both Cross and Jaypaul have carried on their respective pursuits of Saskay with the utmost respect for each other. At some point, Jaypaul told Saskay he’d step back if she wanted to be with Cross. He admitted that he liked Cross and he was a great guy. Cross on his part has a profound respect for Jaypaul too, as well as what he shares with Saskay. As it stands, they both seem to know their place in her life and often take turns spending time with her. There hasn't been any clash between both men and for the time being, both understand that she just wants to be friends and they seem to be getting along like one big happy family – and living their best lives while at it.

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