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Day 4: Crossing the first hurdle – BBNaija

28 July 2021
With their eyes set on delivering a great presentation, the Housemates must first cross the brainstorming hurdle.
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Last night was all about the Shine Ya Eye Geng brainstorming on ideas to perfect their first Task of showcasing Nigeria’s cultural diversity in all its richness and grandeur. With several creative minds in the House, it was no surprise that there were clashes of ideas. In the midst of the Drama and squabbles, they seem to be forging a path to what they hope to attain.

The impressive tag-team

Whitemoney and Maria made an impressive tag team as they took the Shine Ya Eye Housemates on a trip as they explored the rich Igbo tradition in preparation for their Task. Even though they started off jabbing each other, with Maria teasing him about falling asleep while the initial brainstorming session was going on, they both did a good job breaking down everything their traditions entail. From ceremonies to political hierarchy and religious beliefs, they explained it all.

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Bromance in danger

In the heat of the moment, Whitemoney lashed out at Pere and a few other Housemates who were making side comments while he talked about his tradition. He was upset that despite waiting his turn, he still had to contend with other Housemates interrupting him. Realising he may have been too harsh; he tendered an apology to Pere and the rest of the guys for his outburst right after expressing how disrespected he felt. Pere also apologised if Whitemoney felt hurt by his tone.

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Angel ain’t with that

Earlier Angel expressed not being pleased with other Housemates speaking over her during the brainstorming session and this time she appears to be over the whole preparation process. She was upset with her time being wasted. A position Jackie B also shared too. They both agreed that the Housemates kept going round in circles without coming to a concrete agreement. They soon went from being upset to laughing over the pointless arguments the Housemates kept having and the need for them to speak over each other.

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Peace on the wheel

Being the Head of House, the responsibility fell on Peace to get the team back on track and that’s what she did. She got all the Housemates to gather in the garden to iron out their differences and discuss how they were going to go about their Task.

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Things seem to be getting back on track and it’s only a matter of time before we see the outcome of this preparation. This is the first Task for the Shine Ya Eye Housemates and we sure hope they get it right.

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