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Day 39: Strangers became friends – BBNaija

01 September 2021
The gbas gbos took the sideline when the Head of House announced a Kindness Day.
BBNaija Strangers became friends

The #BBNaija Housemates teamed up in pairs for a personal Diary Session where they got up close and personal with one another. They also had to perform an act of kindness for their partners before the day ended. This could be anything ranging from offering a meal, a massage or simply a word of encouragement.

This day of kindness allowed Housemates to get to talk and bond with the Housemates they have never had the opportunity to connect with.

Jackie B sets the ball rolling:

We saw Nini spending the afternoon with Queen. This was interesting to watch especially after she complained about Angel's "strategy" of suddenly getting close to Queen after she escaped Sunday’s Eviction. During their conversation, Queen shared stories about her past and how some events have shaped her personality. She retold a story about her pageant days and experiencing unfair treatment and assault during her university days. Nini also talked about her family and how her ethnicity gives her challenges at times when she is judged by the colour of her skin. They came out of this conversation declaring that they would remain friends even after leaving the #BBNaija House. Who saw that friendship coming? We didn’t! 😮

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Yousef’s partner for the day of kindness was Jaypaul. He talked about his teaching career and how tough life has been for him. He explained to Jaypaul how he walked to and from his place of teaching as it was close enough but more sustainable on his pocket. He would even go back to his house for lunch because he couldn’t afford to eat in the school. His face lit up though when he was talking about the two people who have his back in life. “My immediate brother is someone that is always giving me the spirit. He makes him want to go for it,” he added. At the end of the day, Yousef offered Jaypaul his chicken as an act of kindness. Way to build a new friendship! 👏

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Saskay and Angel got to spend time together and their Dairy Session was heart-rending. Angel gave her a timeline of events that changed her life from when she was 14 years old. She talked about experiencing physical abuse, being raised by a great-grandmother who suffered from a mental illness and dropping out of university. The young Housemate also recalled experiencing sexual assault, an event she described as an act of "removing a blindfold" and being exposed to the world’s imperfections. She also shared a story about losing her boyfriend at 19 to illness. She added that these events triggered her anxieties and they were the reason why she was very hot and cold to Sammie – she doesn’t want to get attached to anyone.💔

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Turns out, a day like this was much needed in Biggie’s House. So, now we wait to see if these new connections will lead to authentic friendships as the Season proceeds.

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