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Day 38: Emotional concoction in the Diary Room – BBNaija

31 August 2021
Their heads are in the game, but the emotional roller coaster continues.
BBNaija emotional concoction in the diary room

Today, the #BBNaija Housemates had an eye-opening Diary Session where they dished Biggie a cocktail of emotions, thoughts, and petitions.

How are the #BBNaija Housemates feeling?

There is a combination of feelings and emotions brewing in the #BBNaija House. Liquorose, who is up for Nomination for the first time ever is feeling optimistic, but her heart is beating harder this week. “I’m hoping for the best because I’m not ready to leave your House now.” Saga is feeling good, but he always suspected that he would get Nominated this week because of Nini. “We seem to be center of attraction in the House,” he said.

Angel was feeling miserable because she feels like she has been grieving her deceased boyfriend. The new Heads of House were feeling fantastic today. Jaypaul could not believe that he made it and Jackie B is grateful and proud of herself. Cross looks forward to a ‘gbas gbos week’ and Whitemoney has had the best day ever in the House since Biggie gave the Housemates musical instruments last night. “Chai! I feel good. I feel amazing,” he said.

The musical gifts from Big Brother

The Housemates were surprised yesterday and given a keyboard and guitar to keep themselves entertained and occupied. The excitement in the House is vibrating through the strings and everyone appreciates the difference. Peace has been freestyling and feels that the instruments are a great addition to the House and she is trying to learn how to play them. “I asked Jaypaul to teach me guitar and Michael will teach me piano.”

Saskay is excited about a hit that she, Pere and Whitemoney made earlier today. Cross promised that he is going to get some vocal training because he has found confidence through his fellow Housemates. Jaypaul is happy to hear and play music, reminding him of the things he misses the most. “Big Brother, you have saved us from boredom.”

Head of House game experience

The Head of House game was different this week and without a doubt, it came with a twist – a slimy one. The general feeling was excitement for a new and different HoH game, but others were disgusted by the obstacles. Nini who is already a very picky eater was never ready for the challenge. “I was almost crying just from seeing the challenge and what we had to do.”

Nini's bestie, Saga, said the whole set-up creeped him out. “I don’t like dirt, blood, slime and when I heard there was an egg in the cup, it was traumatic for me,” he complained. Cross found the game extremely difficult, and luck was not on his side once again. “. I figured that if Boma and Jaypaul have done it, what would stop me from doing it? But I guess if it’s not your day, it’s not your day,” he concluded.

Nomination blues

Emmanuel is grateful for his stay in the House. “If I leave or stay, I will be okay with it. I am just keeping a positive mindset,” he said. Pere is also optimistic this week plans to keep his head in the game, making sure he is not distracted. Cross is feeling better today after having been Nominated last week too. “I plan on having a good time until Sunday comes again. My mind is set on ‘let’s have the best week ever again!’.”

“No nervousness, no tension,” is Whitemoney’s current motto as he feels that even though he is up for Nomination, the goal was to pass through the doors of the #BBNaija House and if he goes at this point, he will “make Biggie so proud”.

Who would you Evict?

As much as everyone but the Heads of House is up for Eviction this week, the Housemates had a few names to share of other Housemates they would Evict. Tega, Boma, Angel, Liquorose, Emmanuel, Peace, Yousef, Saga, Nini, Whitemoney and Michael are some of the names the Housemates mentioned they would evict for various reasons.

Saga said he would Evict Boma because he is so confident in his strategy and thinking he is the Okro king, even though he is a friend. Tega said that she would Evict Nini and Peace because she doesn’t know if one would be able to survive without the other. Emmanuel would also Evict Peace. “We didn’t really connect, and I think she is putting on a façade for the sake of the game,” he said.

Sunday’s evictions

Sunday’s Evictions, where Maria, JMK, and Sammie left the House for good were a wake-up call for the #BBNaija Housemates. They are all surprised to see Maria who appeared to have a massive personality going home. This was a point of realisation that the game is unpredictable, and anything can happen.

Peace who was quite close to Maria was convinced that she was not going anywhere. “I was even encouraging her to wear the blue dress like you’re not going anywhere,” she recalled. Yousef was also shocked and wasn’t ready to say goodbye to his new friends Sammie and JMK. “I was shocked but at a point, we have to be ready for this,” he said.

All these emotions are too many to contain, we are sure to see some bubbles bursting during this seventh week in Biggie’s House. Stay tuned.

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