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Day 37: New week, new dynamics – BBNaija

30 August 2021
It’s a new week of different and new strategies in the #BBNaija House.
BBNaija new week new dynamics

There is a different kind of air flowing in the #BBNaija House today following the shocking Eviction night where we bid farewell to three Housemates – JMK, Sammie and Maria.

In the world of Ships earlier this morning, the Emmarose couple questioned Boma and Tega about how they have been sleeping together all the time then Boma said, “Just because people sleep together, it does not make them a couple.” We have all been keeping a close eye on them and we share the same curiosity. Boma and Tega have been seen under bed covers whispering to each other and some fans are 100% certain they have already exchanged a kiss! 😃

During the morning workout in the Arena, the Shine Ya Eye geng happily exercising the morning away with Saga leading them. Queen seemed joyful during the session as she danced away to some of the tunes in this morning’s playlist. She must be feeling relieved after having an amazing week of winning Tasks and also surviving the Eviction chop last night. She seems fired up for this week and her mind is on the Head of House games tonight.

Pere remained on the sidelines, looking somewhat sad. We assume Maria’s departure is still hitting him hard. The two Housemates had been on a cat-mouse tangent keeping our screens dramatic enough with all their fights, arguments, kissing and making up but the Peria Ship has officially taken a plunge. We are interested to see if he continues where he left off with Queen, now that Maria has left the building.

Speaking of sinking Ships, The Crosskay seems to be taking a blow too. Cross and Saskay had a conversation about relationships where he was telling her that he doesn’t easily get into relationships and he only dates someone he thinks he can marry. Saskay questioned him about his way of not opening up fully and that she could see what he was not showing her which he cunningly replied, “I’m not looking to be in a relationship, so you won’t see.” She also pointed out that he was speaking from a place of insecurity, which he argued defensively. Could his be Cross implying that he is done chasing Saskay? 

Jackie B and Michael also spent some time together this morning where Michael was revealing some emotional life experiences, family, and relations with his late father. It appears Michael might be revisiting his Shipping ambitions with Jackie B, but we are still vexed about his actual plan with her considering that he still has an eye for other girls in the House and he previously made it clear that he wanted to be “in her head and not her heart”.👀

Last night, Saga seemed to be deep in thought after Ebuka commented on him missing his Diary Session because he was cuddling Nini. "Should we change Biggie's voice to Nini's voice and maybe you will hear Big Brother?" Nini also had a chat with Peace where she was reconsidering being joined at the hip with Saga. Could we see less and less of Sanini during the course of the week?

This week promises to bring us a new take on relationships dynamics in Biggies House, and we are ready to witness it all as it unfolds.

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