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Day 37: Despair and uncertainty – BBNaija

30 August 2021
There is an air of despair and uncertainty in the House with the Eviction of a few Housemates.
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It was no surprise seeing gloomy faces after the triple Eviction that took place last night. The expected emotions from Liquorose and Pere filled the air, as the other Housemates spent long minutes consoling them. “Keep doing what you’re doing and keep being yourself. People clearly like that,” Whitemoney said to Pere. Having your resident bestie and love interest leave the House at the same time isn’t something to smile about, and Liquorose and Pere didn’t shy away from expressing their grief.

The sad faces
On this table of sad faces also sat Michael. He was also left shook with Maria’s Eviction and took this moment to apologise to Jackie B for all the drama the last week brought, as she comforted him. “I’m sorry for being insensitive. I just am not sure where we stand,” he told her as they both tried to resolve their awkward ship issues. If you've missed out on the tea, Michael has been trying to get Jackie B to put a title on their dalliance, which Jackie B doesn't want to do just yet, because they are still getting to know each other. Things came to a head at the Saturday Night Party when the two argued and Michael complained to Peace, Angel, Maria and Pere.

Angel also loudly spoke to the other Housemates about how Sammie, Maria and JMK were her close friends in the House and with this Eviction, she was sure going to feel lonely in the Shine Ya Eye game. While hugging Cross later at night, she said to him, “I just want to hug you because I’m glad you’re still here”. 

The face that stood out
One Housemate whose emotions stood out from the crowd after the cold Eviction Show was Queen. After surviving this week’s Eviction, she blocked the gloomy atmosphere and happily wore her dancing shoes as she expressed her gratitude to Naija for saving her.

The end of this ship?
Following Ebuka’s question to Saga regarding missing Biggie’s Diary Room call because he was enjoying Nini’s cuddles, Nini expressed how she felt to Peace. She told her that she didn’t want to be the reason for Saga messing up his game and didn’t fail to mention how displeased she was at the way Saga has been handling his feelings for her. “I have a boyfriend and I’m only trying to add value to him as a friend in the House,” she reiterated.

“He’s not a baby, he’s making the decision to be with you and you can’t really tell him what to do,” said Peace giving her opinion on this matter. She went on to tell Nini that she was "vibing" with Sammie because he was nice to her from the get-go, and so long as Nini can enjoy Saga’s company, she doesn’t have to worry. “He’s not a baby, make your decisions based on your own terms, not Saga’s,” Peace told Nini.

Watch the conversation here

What’s the fate of the #SaNi ship going forward?

What next?
The triple Eviction left the Housemates shook as some of them vowed to stay active in order to gain visibility with the fansleaving them wondering what the game had in store for them. For Liquorose and Pere who were visibly shaken by the outcome of the Live Show, we can’t help but wonder how this will affect their moods this week; and for the rest of the House, perhaps new strategies will be unlocked? Speaking of what next, Angel told everyone that cared to listen that with Sammie out of the House, her "okra" will be as slimy as ever. What does this mean though? We’ll see…

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