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Day 36: Week 5 in Biggie’s House – BBNaija

29 August 2021
Hmmm, the right question would be what didn’t happen this week! Biggie’s Housemates took us through some interesting ups and downs in Week 5.

The fifth week in the #BBNaija House featured so many fascinating alliances and all the interesting wahala from the cruisers, to shipper-ville and hot gossip served HOT from all corners of the House.

Head of House Games

The Housemates took to the Arena for the HoH Games, and – as luck would have it – Liquorose emerged the Winner. Although she didn't get to enjoy all the benefits of being Head of House in the luxurious HoH Lounge, due to an earlier violation of House rules. Liquorose picked Saga as her Deputy Head of House, giving him and Nini some privacy for the week. Her reign has been challenging, but with the support of her Deputy she has a decent chance of passing as one of the most memorable Heads of House so far.


The musings from the Diary Room came with a jam-packed night of Nominations, and it’s been a whirlwind of emotions for all Nominated Housemates as this game turned personal. The House experienced a lot of tension and fights this week, and the Liquorose and Sammie fall-out over dirty dishes was nothing short of wahala. However, these Housemates have soldiered on throughout the week, making the most of possibly their last few days in the House.

Learning their lesson

JMK, Maria and Pere received a Strike for microphone infringement, and the other Housemates received punishment for playing the whispering game. Housemates were required to paint popsicle sticks throughout the day. What looked like an easy task to get through turned out to be quite a strenuous experience with most Housemates relying on the Supa Komando energy drink to stay awake for the duration of their punishment.

Abeg, It’s time to adult

Nothing dey free in Biggie’s House. Housemates received new House rules that require them to spend their Abeg Naira for merely opening the chest freezer door or attending the parties. Most of the Household expenses are compulsory, and Biggie made it even harder for Housemates to save their Abeg Naira for supposed rainy days. Hmmm, we wonder what will happen if one Housemate goes broke?

Something shippy with the Housemates

We may not have every ship figured out, but one thing we know is that the Housemates are clearly interested in each other. Housemates in cruise mode gave us hot and heavy action – from the bed-hopping to the duvet stories gossip. E go shock you. The Saturday Night Party ended the week with both the steamiest kissing scenes and the messiest break ups. Week 6 is about to start on a very high note and we wonder what's going to happen next.

Massive Gossip

Peace, Nini and Maria gave us the hottest gossip in the House while they enjoyed their drinks and food in the Executive Lounge. The trio took turns to dissect all the annoying details about the men of #BBNaija. Talk about not mincing their words, these ladies made sure to comment on Angel’s ship with Sammie and Michael’s relationship with Jackie B, among many others. All we can say is this tea turned is piping hot and the ladies have a number of unflattering words to say about the guys and ladies of this House.

Well, with all the intimacy that has been on display lately, we can’t help but agree with some of the predictions Michael made about the weeks to come.

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