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Day 35: Maria has a breakdown – BBNaija

28 August 2021
Today was the tipping point for Maria’s emotional build-up.
BBnaija Maria has a breakdown

After the first part of the Bet9ja Task, Maria broke down into tears in a way that shocked the #BBNaija Housemates.

She took off to her bed where Liquorose was seen trying to comfort her and find out what was happening. Still, in tears, she replied and said nothing was wrong, she just wanted to be alone.

This event left the Housemates speculating what could be the cause of Maria’s distress. In a conversation with Whitemoney and Sammie, Pere was reiterating his beef with Maria saying that she hadn’t spoken to him for two days. He also said that she said he was manipulative, and she didn’t rate their friendship at all.  

It turns out, from the gist-y conversation what Maria was unhappy with the fact the Pere has been telling the newer Housemates about his feelings for her instead of simply saying they were just friends. It takes a turn when her emotions seem to be linked to Queen’s involvement with Pere lately.

The housemates split and there was then a discussion between Pere and Whitemoney about her crying and what happened between her and Pere last night. Nini then joined and it was agreed they cannot trust her tears after her Oscar-worthy performance when she was given the fake eviction task. They even thought the presentation had triggered her emotions.

Later, Yousef asked Emmanuel if he knew why Maria was crying. He seemed worried and implied that maybe she was thinking about tomorrow. He felt that they had to find out especially because of what happened to Kayvee when they could have paid more attention. Emmanuel concluded that he would try to investigate after the Saturday Night Party.

Before the party, Pere approached Maria and we heard him apologising to her. “I’m sorry I’ll go on my knees,” but she was not playing along with the melodrama. Pere went on to ask her if he could dance with her at the party. Maria was not having this conversation either.  

Maria then brought up Queen and the way Pere has been relating with her. It seems to be a huge factor in Maria’s breakdown today. Pere responded saying that he didn’t want to embarrass her and push her away – referring to Queen.  He gathered more words trying to win back Maria’s attention. “You may have the wrong perception, but I will always respect you, I promise. I promise. I’ll dance with you tonight though, even if it’s the last dance,” he insisted.  

The conversation ended with Maria walking away from Pere to go and prepare for the party. It was at the party where we caught a glimpse of the two dancing together after a night of giving each other cold shoulders. Maria eventually let Johnnie Walker show her the way to loosen up and give Pere an ear.

We are still searching for the reason behind her tears but all fingers point to Pere at the moment.

Who knows? Could this be their last dance seeing that their fate in the #BBNaija House will be revealed on Eviction Sunday?

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