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Day 35: Entanglement whisperers of the season – BBNaija

28 August 2021
If you’re just catching on, well, this season has been jam packed with all sorts of ships and thanks to some Housemates the sink or sail chat has had a few people holding candles in the House.
Entanglement Article 2

Geng, what we’re talking about are the ship influencers in the House. Yes, the #BBNaija House has pulled through to give us several Housemates at the forefront of influencing ships in the House.

Peace – the self-titled Biggie Junior 😂

Peace has a way of knowing exactly what's happening in the House even if she wasn’t present in any conversation. Her observant personality seems to always attract the most interesting tea and we are here for this. Notably, so, Peace has been influential to most relationships in the House from Jackie B and Michael to the Sammie and Angel ship. Although these ships have been on the rocks, one that stands out is the Sammie and Angel ship – Peace’s influence on Sammie to be saga-like for Angel – meaning to stick to who you like, ended up in a messy and bitter break up between the two. However, all things considered, her advice to Sammie seems to be somewhat effective since the two are now spending most of their time cuddling together, regardless of not shipping.

Good or bad, Peace’s influence has been intriguing in the House. Come on, she even swayed the entire House into believing Liquorose and Jaypaul were Wildcards.

Whitemoney and Sammie – Entanglement whisperers

Whitemoney’s demeanour has been quite interesting in the House, his calm nature, sense of care and maturity has earned him the father of the House title. Respectfully, some Housemates turn to him for advice on their issues – even those openly interested in him. Could this be a whole new level of being friend-zoned? Whatever the case may be, Whitemoney has had significant sway on the Queen and Boma entanglement. With the help of Sammie, the two have ceaselessly given ship advice in good faith but Queen’s ship experience in the House has been in murky waters. No matter what she has done with the advice she seems to come full circle – talk about this situation being slippery and messy #Okra.

While they have given the most interesting advice, we can't help but wonder what really happens when it's time to have it applied to the respective situation.

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