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Day 34: Liquorose and Sammie’s war of words – BBNaija

27 August 2021
Liquorose and Sammie had a heated moment in the garden this morning and we are out to get the tea.
Big Brother Naija S6

Sammie and Liquorose gave their fellow Housemates a show in the garden this morning in a big blowout over… a pan.

Liquorose, who was hungry, laid into Sammie for using a pan to make his breakfast, and then leaving it dirty in the sink.

Earlier in the day the day the Kitchen was a hive of activity as some of the Housemates prepped breakfast and planned ahead for lunch. One of the Housemates in the Kitchen was Sammie, who prepared a plate of noodles for himself.

While eating his precious noodles, Liquorose came into the Kitchen with intense hunger in her stomach – and you know what they say: “A hungry man is an angry man.” Liquorose saw the pan she wanted to use already dirty in the kitchen sink and asked after who used it. Sammie was quiet and didn't say anything.

When Biggie requested all the Housemates to go to the garden, the fight began in measured voices at first when Liquorose realised Sammie was the culprit, but soon descended into a shouting match that left everyone stunned.

Head of House Liquorose seemed riled up and asked Sammie “Why you no talk when I dey ask?" referring to Sammie's silence when she had asked earlier. Sammie's retort however only made the HoH a little more aggravated. "I talk say I go wash am, when I don finish my food."

Liquorose wasn't hearing it though and kept hammering on the fact that Sammie had kept quiet when she asked after who used the pan.

After an intense back and forth, Sammie's final words to Liquorose regarding the situation? ""I no wash am come beat me." What a cold world.😢

Liquorose then went into a corner and removed herself from the group after the exchange. Maria and Saga were however quick to comfort her and told her not to bother about the whole issue because it isn't a big deal. Maria mentioned that Samie had apologised, but Liquorose didn't seem interested in these new developments.