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Day 30: The intriguing question game – BBNaija

23 August 2021
The Housemates have amazed us with a lot of games and a new one known as the question game turns out to be another amazing gem.
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The question game we didn’t see coming happened in the Shine Ya Eye House in the early hours of today and it was as salacious as it was scintillating. The game, which was started by Cross originally had Saga, Nini, Pere, Michael, Jackie B, Jaypaul, and Angel as players.

Rules of the game

The question game had a set of rules and they are as follows;

  • A Housemate asks the person closest to them a question and that person does not answer but asks another Housemate another question.
  • Housemates questioned each other in a clockwise movement around the dining table.
  • Anyone who failed to keep the ball rolling by asking a question would take a drink.

The real MVPs

One of the persons who stood out in the game was Angel who seemed to have an arsenal of questions ready for anyone she was sitting beside. Pere was unfortunately at her mercy for quite a while as she seemed to dish out wild questions that caught him off-guard so many times. While Angel fired the people beside her, Yousef did the good job of peppering those beside him as well. Emmanuel and Saga were Yousef’s unfortunate victims and they ended up drinking a lot because of his wicked questions.

A little conspiracy

Nini at some point was beside Angel and kept asking her about Boma and any bedtime activity that could have happened between the two of them. Viewers were quick to point out that Nini knew something happened between Angel and Boma, and was using the game to shade Angel. As well as bringing her activity with Boma to everyone’s attention.

A game for all

The Game that started with as little as seven people grew in numbers when Yousef, Saskay and Peace decided to join. Soon on later Liquorose, Boma, Sammie and Tega came along.

All in all, it was an entertaining game that had viewers in stitches.

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