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Day 30: Liquorose confronts Emmanuel – BBNaija

23 August 2021
As some situationships get more serious, others are being diffused.
BBNaija ships on the move

After a scintillating game of questions, some of the Shine Ya Eye geng went to bed, but a few stayed up to address matters of the heart.

Liquorose and Emmanuel who the Shippers have affectionately named “Emmarose” stayed up and discussed things that happened during the Live Show. Liquorose expressed to Emmanuel that she was not happy about the way he was so political in answering Ebuka questions regarding their involvement together.

She told Emmanuel that he made her feel and look stupid in front of fellow Housemates and the world. It made her wonder what he says about her to others because in his absence she always tells people she likes him and also defends him whenever they say anything bad about him.

Remember when everyone geng’d up on Liquorose when they thought she was a Wildcard? Emmanuel was unfortunately lured into the mob mentality that nearly cost him this Ship.

Liquorose went on to say that she wanted the both of them in the top five, going head-to-head in the competition because she believes she plays better with him by her side and he pushes her to focus on the game, so a split would inevitably throw her off game. Is this a signal that Liquorose is head over heels for Emmanuel?

Emmanuel apologised but didn’t give her some assurance that their situationship was not one-sided. He, however, promised to resolve the matter in his Diary Session with Biggie. We wonder what that means or what difference it will make? Maybe he finds that Biggie is the best person for him to seek advice from. All we can say is we know for sure is that this pair is solid and feelings are finally coming to the surface with no holding back.  

Saskay's blues

On the other hand, there is trouble in Saskay’s heart. The Housemate has forgotten that all eyes are on the House and everything that happens in it. Ebuka took her by surprise when he pointed out her emerging triangle with Cross and Jaypaul.

She sat down with each guy to set boundaries and clarify that she wasn’t trying to get hitched to anyone and she is here for the game. Cross didn’t take it too well, but Jaypaul seemed adamant as he comfortably laid in Saskay’s bed to sleep. Saskay seemed to be uncomfortable and struggled to tell the guy to move, so Sammie – whom she had been confiding in – suggested she slept in another bed. She pointed out that there was no bedding then Sammie offered his own, which she shyly declined.  

She seems a little confused though but who wouldn’t be? Cross and Jaypaul are complete opposites, that must be a tough decision to make. Sammie asked her what she would do if she won HoH and she said she thought of selecting Cross as her DHoH but she is not convinced she could win it.

The week has only begun, and emotions are still high, so we are yet to confirm if certain Ships and situationships last through Biggie’s plot twists and turns.

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