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Day 3: Wise ones in the House – BBNaija

27 July 2021
The Housemates are getting closer, sharing profound life experiences
BBNaija Niyi and Princess

Three days into the Shine Ya Eye Season, the Housemates have started opening up to one another about some of their personal philosophies and life experiences.

Besides all the pranking and jokes, it is without a doubt we have a House full of knowledgeable and wise guys and girls. Their conversations ranged from star signs, marriage, loss and everything thing in-between.

A shocking revelation

In a candid conversation with Niyi and Beatrice, Princess shared emotional stories about her life for the very first on live television. Hers is a story of family, love, betrayal and redemption – many influences that have led her to where she is today. After experiencing a failed marriage, she moved on and restarted her life as a taxi driver. She had also kept a secret from her family that her shop and cosmetics business were closed down. Niyi, who is showing up as one of the advice giver’s in the house gave her some kind words of support and upliftment. From what we see, he is always has something profound going through his mind.  

Guess the star sign

It seems like we have some astrology experts in the House this season with Angel and Maria schooling the House on their understanding of the subject. While they lounged in the lush garden, Angel shared that she relates to star signs and Maria echoed that it helps them make sense of life. This crash course led to the Housemates guessing each other’s star signs and diarising birthday celebrations and connecting these to personality traits. It will be interesting to watch the trajectory of the show and see if the winner is already written in the stars?

Life’s lessons learned

In another corner of the House, Pere and Boma spent some time reflecting on the past year and what the Covid-19 pandemic has taught them as individuals. Boma touched on his acting ambitions in the USA while he was simultaneously taking up acting classes. Pere, who shares similar interests added that the most important thing that he learned from the pandemic was the practice of saving money. It is certain that these gentlemen, besides having a lot of drive and ambition, have their eyes on the prize. Who wouldn’t?

As the Housemates get to know each other, we are also getting to know them better.

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