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Day 3: New couple alert? – BBNaija

27 July 2021
Saga and Sammie are applying pressure – and we’re here for it.
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Everyone loves a good love story – and when it unfolds right in front of your eyes (and in front of millions of eyes across the continent), it’s something close to magic. 

There’s something brewing between Sammie and Angel; something we think might earn them the coveted (by our standards) ‘First Ship of the Season’ title. This duo is raising eyebrows with their shenanigans, and even though it’s too early to tell (it’s only been two days), we just might have a romantic relationship to stick our noses into, in the next couple of weeks – or maybe even days!

On Monday night, Sammie and Angel stole away from the main House and spent some quality time in the garden. Angel told Sammie she was tired and her feet hurt. Her knight in shining armour Sammie went to work, kneading all the stresses of the day away. Angel opened up about her life outside the House and Sammie seemed to be heavily into the conversation – and took his time. Angel held on to the daybed she was reclining on for dear life and was clearly enjoying all the effort her personal masseuse was putting in.

Their fellow Housemates seem to be noticing the chemistry too. This morning, the twosome left their fellow Housemates, jumped in bed, and giggled through a conversation that was eventually joined by Jackie B. Pere opened the door and took a peek. When he saw the “lovebirds”, he started singing Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up”, which happens to be an ode to love and partnership. 

Their fellow Housemates told them they looked good together and would make good-looking babies. Angel and Sammie smiled sheepishly and moved the conversation to another topic, without addressing what had just been said. Earlier in the day in a conversation with some of the geng, Angel had mentioned what her thoughts are on relationships. “I don’t know how to be in a relationship”. Maria shouted “You hear that, Sammie?” We can’t wait to see where this one goes.

Unrequited love

Saga, on the other hand, has had his eyes on one person and one person only, since Sunday night’s Live Show; Nini. Yesterday, during the very first Diary Session of the Season, Saga confessed he couldn’t keep his eyes off her when she walked in – and tried his best to talk to her. Unfortunately, she didn’t seem interested and blew him off a couple of times. 

“I liked her face and the way she looked and hoped we could be friends. I didn’t feel it hit me back though. I gave her my best moves, but she didn’t seem interested. Later she said she has a boyfriend, so maybe that’s why?,” he asked Biggie, without expecting a response. Biggie, however, was ready with a clever retort of his own. “The heartbreaker gets his heart broken” 😩 . Although Saga told Biggie he wouldn’t partner up with Nini, his actions are saying otherwise. 

An audience with Biggie

Although Nini was cold towards Saga initially, they seem to find each other when they need to. Saga always makes it a point to be around her as much as he possibly can and they seem to enjoy each other’s company. This morning, Arin, Nini and Jackie B hung out with Saga in the Games Lounge and teased him about him possibly being a Casanova outside the House. 

Nini then asked him if he has a girlfriend and he told her “No, I am single. My last relationship ended recently.” When asked if he was single and ready to mingle, Saga responded to the affirmative.  At lunch today, he even sacrificed his proteins for Nini and gave her his piece of chicken. But that’s not all. Nini complained about a weird neck pain that was stressing her out and Saga quickly jumped at the opportunity to sort her neck out.

“He has magic hands! I feel instantly better, Saga. I’m going to cook you something good when we have the right ingredients,” Nini exclaimed, as soon as Saga was done.

Although Nini remains adamant she is not interested in pursuing a relationship because she is in one already, it’s still early days. Also, Saga is very clear about his intentions. Will she change her mind and allow the ship to sail into the high seas? Only time will tell. 

Shine Ya Eye, no sleep geng – this is Big Brother Naija after all!

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