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Day 28: The curious case of Whitemoney's love life – BBNaija

21 August 2021
A Whitemoney ship seems to be close at hand and we have got all the latest gist on it.
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Hey guys. We are back on the matter of ships again. Now it might seem tiring but we assure you this tea we are about to drop is the juicy deliciousness you signed up for.👌

Now we all know Whitemoney throws it down in the Kitchen and has brought so many funny moments to our screen. Even to his fellow Housemates he is seen as the court jester, a friend and in some cases ‘the daddy’ of the House but have you noticed he is rarely linked romantically to any of the ladies in the House? Let’s make it clear, this is not a problem.

However, a few instances this week has got us wondering if we are going to be seeing a Whitemoney ship very soon. A few days ago he was seen sharing some private moments with Queen in the Games Room which lasted quite a few minutes. Note that this moment had happened after a few bump, grind and twerk moments earlier in the day.  

Note that Queen and Boma have also had some sort of situationship that’s still in murky waters so we thought we had a triangle on our hands. Little did we know that Whitemoney had been nursing feelings for another female Housemate. It was so much of a shocker that even Jackie B the lady in question could not believe Whitemoney was interested in her. In a conversation with Tega and Whitemoney last night, Jackie B expressed shock over Whitemoney’s interest in her and claimed she always saw him as a friend and a father figure in the House. She also expressed that it will take her a little time to see him as a love interest.

Don’t feel sad for Whitemoney, Jackie went on to say she liked the fact that Whitemoney expressed interest in her and that she liked mature men like him who know what they want and go for it.

Hey wait guys. Pour yourself a cup of tea because we are not done with this juicy gossip.☕️

Well another scenario happened last night that has got us confused so we need your help in deciphering the matter.

At the Jacuzzi Party last night, Queen was seen to have rocked Boma endlessly and before you could say Jack Robinson, Whitemoney was in there with them.

How did this all end you ask? It ended with Queen and Whitemoney in bed together. Wait that's not all. We are not saying anything happened but there were reports of some movements under the duvet which we cannot verify at this moment.👀

Talk about salacious. This what we signed up for right? Well we can’t wait for more drama and spiciness on our screens.

Whitemoney's love interest

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