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Day 28: Saga and Nini’s rules of engagement – BBNaija

21 August 2021
This chat is the juiciest we’ve had so far and if you’re wondering what it’s about, well, welcome to the front row of Saga and Nini’s somewhat interesting ship.
Saga and Nini article

The two Housemates were cozying up on the couch after the Mypatricia Task and took some time to unwind and chat about life. Well, this conversation turned out to be a little more interesting as it covered a wide range of topics from their ideal romantic gestures, to marriage proposals and starting a family. In any case, we had front row seats to this chat and here's their take on these interesting topics. 


When we talk about acts of service these two seem to have a solid idea of exactly what they like and how they would show up for their partners. Nini loves flowers but most importantly loves her wine; she loves the idea of binging on a bottle all night with her love. However, Saga’s idea of gifting is more about physical things that a person can use over time. Nini, on the other hand, stressed that no gift is too big or too small; it’s all about the intention behind the giving.

Marriage proposal 

Saga teasingly suggested that Nini may be about the grand or public proposal and her response was quite surprising. In setting the record straight Nini says she prefers something small, just in case she needs to turn it down. Her best excuse to possible reasons why people may turn down a proposal is a matter of timing. Saga hinted that if he’s to date someone right now, it would be someone he wants to marry. Well, we hope by him speaking it out the universe someone was listening too. 

Marriage and family values 

Saga imagines being married in four years' time because he hopes to be a young and lively father in his children's lives. We are living for his desire to be a present and loving partner and father. Although it is unclear how many kids, he wants to have, we are already excited for his future. If they end up together this will be one interesting family. 

Whatever this ship turns out to be, we hope both Nini and Saga were taking notes and picking on their similarities in their love languages, dreams and aspirations for family units and all the little details about their ideal relationships. 

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