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Day 27: The Abeg Friday Night Task – BBNaija

20 August 2021
The Housemates got together to make somebody smile tonight.
BBNaija the abeg task

Maintaining sound mental well-being is an important part of staying healthy. It helps one enjoy an improved quality of life and is beneficial to the overall well-being of every human being.

At every stage in one’s life, the mental well-being of every person cannot be compromised regardless of the circumstances surrounding the said individual.

The first part

For this week’s Friday Night Abeg Task, the #BBNaija Housemates had to work coherently and create a powerful and evocative campaign to sensitize the viewers and the public on Mental Well-being. The campaign had to highlight the need to maintain a sound mental state and may touch on issues such as depression, suicide, anxiety, bipolar and borderline personality disorders, etc.

They were allowed to adopt any form or genre of art to convey their messages, but songs and poetry had to be incorporated into their campaign. They were given copies of research materials and 6 hours to develop their campaign and prepare to present in the Arena.

The performance

The Housemates prepared and rehearsed all afternoon making use of all the resources they were given. During the presentation, the Housemates recited poem-like stories and speeches which were inspiring as they all led to giving advice on how to seek treatment.

Yousef spoke about losing family and experiencing social anxiety growing up. Maria gave a breakdown on schizophrenia. Liquorose also gave an extensive speech explaining other conditions such as PSTD.  Pere talked about the realities of experiencing the condition after spending time in battle.

Vocals were led by Whitemoney, Michael and Angel with the rest of the Housemates backing them up. “Mental health is urgent o, Mental health real, do not play with the state of your mind,” are some of the lyrics to the song that stood out in the performance.

Jackie B and Tega shared their stories about struggling with postpartum depression. They highlighted the much-neglected conversation about the aftereffects of pregnancy and childbirth. “Postpartum depression is real. If you don’t speak up, you will never heal,” were their words of encouragement.

The show ended emotionally with the Housemates breaking down into tears. It appears the rehearsal and performance got personal and took a major toll on them. Biggie requested that they hug one another and always remember to be kind to one another but most importantly, to themselves.

Each Housemate was rewarded N200 for their efforts.  

The second part

For this task, the Housemates had three hours allocated for preparation and rehearsal. The House had to be divided into four groups according to the colour of their T-shirts. Team Green became called “Team Giveaways”. Team Purple became “Team Send Money”. Team Yellow was “Team Smiles”. Team Red was “Team Badges”. The Task was a competition between the teams and there were cash prizes to be won.

Each team had to develop a music video for the Abeg jingle. The music video would ideally incorporate drama and choreography that depict the lyrics of the jingle. The Abeg jingle was played into the house intermittently. The lyrics of the jingle and a get-to-know Abeg manual were provided to prepare the Housemates for the Task.

The performance

Each team brought their minds together to script and perform different scenes to the Abeg Jingle Team Giveaways with Tega, Cross, Angel, Jaypaul and JMK promised to bring the amapiano vibes to their music video. Team Send Money with Whitemoney, Liquorose, Maria, Saga and Jackie B crafted some fancy leg work for their music video. Team Badges with Pere, Boma, Emmanuel, Nini and Queen drew themselves out of the comfort zone by busting a few surprising moves. Team Smile brought a lot of energy to the Arena which matched their yellow t-shirts. It was a tight competition, but the prizes were to be awarded according to ranking. Each team to win something tonight but Team Giveaways won the largest prize of N500 000 each.  

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