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Day 27: New Cross, who’s this? – BBNaija

20 August 2021
New looks and hairstyles are still trending in the House
BBNaija New Cross whos this

The guys were talking about hair and that’s when Cross revealed that he usually sports a short haircut which he loves, and he only started growing his dreadlocks in January this year. A seed was planted.

Fast-forward a few minutes after the chat with the guys, Cross was chilling with Saskay in the living room area, having their deep conversations, which we have become used to seeing lately. It was during this conversation when the seed of the idea of cutting his hair was watered. During their banter, Saskay advised him to trim his hair and get proper dreadlocks which would look better than his current look.

Without wasting a heartbeat, Cross embarked on his search for his new look. We can’t believe the amount of influence Saskay has over this man, but we have every reason to think that he cut off his dreadlocks to impress his empress.

Tega, who is undoubtedly one of the House’s resident hairstylists was prepared to give Cross his new look. She first chopped the top part of his hairstyle that was made up of dreadlocks and then brushed out the rest, exposing what was left of his Afro.

Some female Housemates were impressed by Cross' fresh look. Maria couldn’t stop flirting with "new Cross" and even offered him a good time, calling him "baby". We wonder where Pere was to see this? Peace echoed Maria’s feelings and desires; the ladies might have just exposed their crush too on live television. Remember when Princess confessed her crush for Cross on her way out of the House? 😬

Hold on! Not everyone was chuffed about Cross’ new look though. Nini was upset, she just had to express it. “If you’re going to dump your hair then you’re just going to dump me too,” she said. He responded, “No I will love you forever.” Talk about being a man for the ladies, Cross 😉 .

Cross himself has mixed feelings about his new look. He looked like he was enjoying the moment Tega was combing out his hair but the different comments he received probably left him a bit confused. He, however, is looking forward to getting a fresh trim soon and so are we!

We are loving all of these makeovers among the guys in the House; wonder who’s up next for a change?

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