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Day 26: Getting progressive with Tecno – BBNaija

19 August 2021
The Housemates will stop at nothing in tonight’s Task
BBNaija Getting progressive with tecno

The #BBNaija Housemates are faced with another challenging, yet exciting Task and this time around, it is proudly sponsored by Tecno Mobile.

We have seen all they can cook up with their theatrical and musical talents, but we are yet to see if the Shine Ya Eye geng has a knack for technology too.

The Brief


Welcome to your Tecno Task!

With “STOP AT NOTHING” as the brand’s essence, TECNO is committed to unlocking the best contemporary technologies for progressive individuals across global emerging markets, giving them elegantly designed and intelligent products that inspire consumers to uncover a world of possibilities.

TECNO is made for the Young at Heart, progressive in thinking and ageless in spirit. They strive for change and to become better versions of themselves, progressing each day in building the life they envision for themselves.

Today’s Task will require the house to be divided into four teams. A box containing the team names is provided. As usual, each of the Housemates is to take turns in picking one card from the box. Housemates who picked the same team names will play as a team for the entire task.

Your task for today will be in two parts – the first part is all about the Tecno teaser games, which will feature two exciting games namely “The X-Rush” and “Word Unscrambler”

In preparation for the games, Tecno Brand Information Materials are provided for each Housemate. As a team, you must study the contents carefully before you proceed to the Arena.

You have one hour before you will be called into the Arena.

The storeroom will be opened for you to collect your merchandise after you have determined your team members.

Yours truly,

Big Brother.

The first game: Unscrambler

The first game was the Unscrambler, where the Housemates would require their cognitive strengths. Placed before them was a Tecno Board with 20 hooks. There were four Tecno Phantom cards on each hook, and each card bore a scrambled word or sentence from the Tecno Phantom Brand, Story Material that was provided for them. Each team member had to pick out a card and display its contents to team members. The team members were then expected to unscramble the word and say it out loud. Once the word was said, the team member holding the card had to immediately peel off the seal under the scrambled word or sentence and reveal the answer. Each team had four minutes to unscramble 20 words or sentences. If they couldn’t figure out the word on a card, they may quickly move on to the next one.

The second game: X-Rush

X-Rush as the name suggests required Housemates to think and act quickly. There were four X-Tanks before them – one for each team. Each team had to fill up the four arms of the X-Tank using the X-balls provided in a pool of balls. The bottom right of the X would contain blue balls, the bottom right would contain gold balls, the top right with white balls, while the top left arm had to have black balls.

They were given a reference image on the X-Tank to guide them. Each arm of the X-tank had to be filled by one member of each team. This meant, if one team member decided to take on the gold balls, another teammate had to fill the bottom right with blue balls and so on. When one teammate was done, he or she was expected to return to their teammates and tap the next team member who filled in the next arm of the X-tank with the correct ball colour.

Finally, when all the X-tank arms had been filled appropriately, the fourth team member to fill up the X-tank was expected to run back to their teammates and tap the last team member who then proceeded to search for a black box with gold ribbons containing the two final balls in the garden. He or she had to install one Phantom ball each on the top left and top right arm of their X-tank. The team which filled up their X-tank in the fastest time would win this round.

The Teams

Team Xcellence

JMK, Jaypaul, Angel, Nini and Peace made up this team. During the first game, they started huddled up together on the Tecno Board. Biggie asked them to stop, move back and have a member facilitating as a reminder of an orderly way to play the game. Their four minutes flew by as they struggled to make sense of the scrambled words. It appears they might have forgotten all they were studying including the extra time they got.

Team Xtraordinary

This team included Yousef, Saskay, Maria, Queen and Tega. The team which seemed to have learned from the previous team’s mistakes moved fast as they called out the words they managed to unscramble. They received applause from the Housemates at the end of their turn.

Team Xclusive

They were on fire. Pere, Liquorose, Emmanuel, Whitemoney, and Michael looked prepared after they were quick with unscrambling words like lightning. These students had prepared adequately for the game. They had excellent teamwork and nearly finished all the cards on the Tecno Board.

Team Xceptional

This team with Cross, Jackie B, Boma, Saga and Sammie were members who had a slow game. Some of them were even creating their own words. “Next, next, next!” was their most common word as they struggled to unscramble the words on most cards they picked.  

The second game required speed and attention to get as many blue and gold balls out of the ball pit. Each team worked together and cheered on their members as they raced to fill up the X with balls. The competition was tight, but only one team could claim victory over this part of the Task.

Team Xclusive won the first game by unscrambling the most words and sentences within the allotted time. Whitemoney, Emmanuel, Liquorose, Michael and Pere were rewarded with one hundred thousand Naira and Tecno branded items

The second teaser game, X-Rush, required some agility and dexterity; two requirements that Team Xceptional had in abundance. Kudos to Cross, Sammie, Jackie B, Boma and Saga. They each won the sum of one hundred thousand Naira and Tecno Branded items.

Addressing social challenges

Team Exclusive had the task of addressing the social issue of Drug abuse. Liquorose and Whitemoney were the parents of a young man who returned from the city with a drug problem. He has a moment that he uses drugs and dies on the spot causing havoc in his parents' household.

Team Xcellence told a story about domestic abuse. Nini acted the character of a lady who had been experiencing abuse from her husband – JMK disguised as a man – but has been hiding it. She was confronted by her friends who tried to give her good advice in order to combat the violence. The abused lady remains in the relationship until she is eventually murdered by her partner.

Team Xtraordinary created a play addressing the social challenge of gender inequality. They were very much in character, but they were taken by surprise when the buzzer went off before they had completed their presentation. At least Biggie allowed Sammie to give a low down on how the final scene would've played out at the end of the Task.

Team Xceptional came up with a play addressing girl child education. In their story, a girl child – acted out by Queen – was continuously denied access to education by her father – Yousef. The child was eventually exposed to a teacher – Maria – who assisted her with excelling at school. Later in her adult life, the child became an accountant.  

At the end of the presentation, the teams went back to the House to return the costumes. They were given time to work on their films and edit them on the Phantom X smartphone. When time was up, the phones were retrieved. Creativity, innovation, clarity of message, phone videography and editing skills were the criteria by which the presentations were judged. Team Xcellent met all the criteria laid down for the task. Jaypaul, JMK, Peace, Angel and Nini each received the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand Naira and one Tecno Phantom Smartphone.

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