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Day 26: Cross calls Saskay a big flirt – BBNaija

19 August 2021
Saskay and Cross have got something to say about their relationship and it still leaves us confused.
Big Brother Naija S6

If there is anything the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ geng have done of late, it’s to give us serious tension over their situationships.

Are the streets smiling about this? Definitely not. We are definitely preaching to the choir when we say we can do with a little love on our screens. One of the few who have almost done it for us is the duo of Saskay and Cross. The two have been all up in each other’s faces for a while and we sure do feel the vibe between them.

So what’s the problem?

We are not sure but it seems both are been careful about getting into a relationship or just playing with our emotions.😤

In a bid to sort things out, the two had a conversation this afternoon where they tried to sought out the entanglement between them and have a clear cut communication about where they stand.

Cross accused Saskay of not giving him a chance because she feels he is a bad boy. She however pushed back saying she is giving him a chance but he is not seeing it. She continued saying she was not going out of her way to show it because he wasn’t also showing that he liked her. Cross pushed on still, claiming Saskay saw him as a flirt whereas she was the bigger flirt who was also giving signals to other men.

The Jaypaul issue

Just when you think he couldn’t go any further, he went on to mention there was a way she touched Jaypaul which was different from the way she touched him.  Saskay in disbelief claimed she did not touch Jaypaul in a different way and was seriously tired of the conversation.

Saskay however continued saying Cross had high expectations and she did not like the fact that he threw shade at her whenever she did not meet his expectations.

In conclusion, Cross said he was willing to learn about Saskay but she wasn’t willing to learn about him. A statement Saskay obviously denied.

A lot of ‘he said, she said’ right?😒

That’s where we are right now shippers. We only hope these two can sort out their differences quick so we know where their emotions lie.

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