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Day 26: A musical apology – BBNaija

19 August 2021
The Housemates found a creative way to escape trouble.
BBNaija A musical apology

The Housemates will do many things but one thing they did wrong this time was accusing Big Brother of not doing something. This is Biggie we are talking about here and Housemates almost forgot their place in the #BBNaija House.😅

On Monday, the Housemates received their weekly groceries which they bought on Sunday afternoon. This was still during Pere’s tenure, so when the news arrived about the apology, it was directed to him and the rest of the House.

The Housemates went back and forth wondering how an appropriate apology could be made including thoughts of returning to the Arena where they had been presenting their Storm Body Spray Task.

It was Whitemoney who, as his natural state, started composing a tune that eventually became their redemption song. “No clapping, no laughing and let’s get on our knees” were the rules.

The Housemates in true performative style, gathered around the living room area of the #BBNaija House as they joined in song and down on their knees, they sealed off this magnificent apology! 🎶“We are sorry, Big Brother we are sorry! For all the shortcomings, Big Brother we are sorry o!”🎶

With some of them with their hands on their heads and facial expressions that matched the mood, they sang their apology to Biggie. The head of House, Maria closed it off with a poetry-like outro, thanking Big Brother for all the food and replenishment made available to them in the House.

It seemed to be a powerful act, but we're yet to find out Biggie's verdict. Will he accept this musical apology, or will he demand something more grandiose from them?

We're pretty sure the Housemates will never dare accuse Biggie again.

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