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Day 25: The game just got cosy – BBNaija

18 August 2021
Housemates have diligently sought to keep themselves entertained every night by playing various games from the Whispering game to Truth or Dare.

Last night, the regular Truth or Dare game gave us a cosy insight into the current state of the ships in the House, and we are loving it.

Do Saga-like

Doing Saga-like is somewhat paying off, and we are here for these vibes. The general atmosphere in House is that Saga and Nini have slowly been getting cosier as each day passes with things that weren’t on the table before being up for grabs. Saga spent his Monday afternoon tickling Nini under the covers, and we’ve seen her feed him noodles from time to time. During the Truth or Dare game last night, Nini and Saga got to share a kiss for the first time. While Nini hesitated at first, she negotiated for a peck and shyly proceeded to kiss Saga.

Well, going for what you want and sticking to it seems to have paid off for Saga – we hope it’s the beginning of more intimate moments between the two. Hmm, we wonder what the geng will call this ship?

Hugs and Tender moments

The Cross and Saskay dilemma is one complex ship with these two being polar opposites, but their fondness for each other is undeniably prominent lately. The two shared a long, tender hug in the kitchen as whispered sweet nothings into each other’s ears.  Although we couldn’t make out what they were saying, their body language showed them to be a little more comfortable with each other than before. Is this the sign we’ve been waiting for? Will they be the next ship to set sail in the House?

A love language

Emmanuel and Liquorose’s ship is sailing true, and we are loving their energy. The pair was spotted in the closet with Emmanuel removing her make-up – talk about acts of service ❤️; these Housemates seem to have figured it out, and we are curious to know what their advice would be to the other potential ships in the House.

While the Housemates have been taking it slow and easing into the idea of shipping, we are excited to see them be less guarded and taking this leap into love-land.

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