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Day 25: Maria's secret powers – BBNaija

18 August 2021
Shhh...can you keep this secret?

Maria’s Secret Task has been off to a great start so far with her Oscar-worthy performance. Her delivery of this new power that she holds has managed to convince the Housemates that they will likely be up for Eviction this coming Sunday.

In the continuation of the Diary Sessions, Housemates shared their thoughts on Maria as their new Head of House. The consensus in the House is that Maria’s power to Evict two Housemates is tremendous and has most Housemates on their toes to stay in good graces with her.

JMK says she will not be doing anything to undermine or disrespect her. She believes this is key for her to stay in the House. While Tega and Peace were among the few that vocalised their concerns about this Eviction power being too much for any Housemate. They both agreed to be themselves by doing as she request of them to ensure they stay in the House.

However, Yousef gave an insightful game plan to his bidding. He intends to use some of his Abeg Naira to buy his way through the week by offering some of his money to Maria to avoid being Evicted. He believes that Maria is generous and will handle this HoH role well.

Maria, on the other hand, expressed her fears for receiving the Secret Task and we can’t help but sympathise with her. She worries that Housemates may start doubting her after this Task – considering she had to lie her way through as a Wildcard at first. Although she understands that the Task is part of the gameplay, she’s a little self-aware about the possibility of strained relationships hereafter.

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