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Day 25: Ladies love Cross – BBNaija

18 August 2021
Cross, Cross, Cross. What has this fellow done right?
BBNaija Ladies love cross

Is it the way he washes the ladies’ hair on Sunday mornings during the Darling salon session? Could it be the air of energy and excitement he carries with him around the #BBNaija House? Cross has been a topic on some of the Shine Ya Eye Ladies’ lips – and literally so.  

We even witnessed what could have been a potential case of "aggressive cuddling", but we are still stuck at who the mystery woman could be because the ladies can’t seem to get enough of him. Read on to see what we mean:  

Cross and Saskay.  

In an exclusive secret Diary Session, Saskay expressed that she was sad because Cross had been ignoring and snubbing her. The girl is basically down for all Cross’ attention to be dazzled over her. We have seen them partying the Saturday Night party away in a way that made all the Saskay – Cross Shippers excited but the man just seems to have the #BBNaija ladies around his pinkie finger.  


Cross and Princess 

After Princess’ confession on her Eviction night, we are left with no doubt that the man is doing something right. We obviously heard in one of Princess’ Diary Sessions that she had a little crush on him, but boy we were shocked when she decided to spill the beans on her way out of the House this past Sunday. That was basically a, ‘*nudge nudge* "I know you don’t have a phone, but you should think about me while I’m gone moment".  

Cross and Maria 

Cross and Maria kissed once – that we know of – on the first night the Housemates decided to play a game of Truth or Dare, which was instigated by the lover boy himself. We know some Housemates who might think that this is Cross’ strategy, but it looks like the man is just a fun-loving guy who needs the vibe to always be popping wherever he is.  

Cross and Queen 

It seems like the fans wish there was something between these two because from the moment she walked into the House, Shippers were ready with a bit of tea which needed lots of fact-checking and verification. When Cross asked Queen about her age when she entered the House it was clear these was no "past" between them. However, she has been eyeing him lately but who hasn’t she been considering?   

Cross and Peace 

The two have a really good friendship going on but one can’t help but wonder if more could be a reality? Peace is very close to Cross and vice versa but it seems to be in a friendzone type of way. The gist comes though when you analyse the Saturday Night Party. Our forensic radar tells us otherwise about these two.  

Cross is in the gents' favour as well. We heard Whitemoney listing him as one of the people whose departure from the House would hurt him. We saw him tenderly consoling Nini who was crying after Arin’s Eviction. We, however, can’t help but wonder if this Housemate who has a deep love for his yoga mat will ever end up in a Ship in the House, especially now that he declared he protects his energy?

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