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Day 23: The aftermath of Eviction night – BBNaija

15 August 2021
Questions, tensions, and suspicions – all we can expect this week in the #BBNaija House.
BBNaija the aftermath of eviction night

Life is back to regular schedule in the #BBNaija House after Arin and Princess left the House last night.  

Everyone seemed super excited to still have Saskay around, especially Jaypaul. She went straight to undoing his blue Darling braids after the Eviction show. We wonder who would’ve taken up the chief hair braider role if Saskay and Tega had left the House?  

Flood gates opened in the House as Nini cried about Arin’s exit. In the moment, she had fellow Housemates comfort her for the shrinking of her clique, but we particularly enjoyed Saga’s own display of care and affection. They cuddled up under the bedcover as Saga performed his “friendly” duties, which seemed to work because Nini was giggling soon after.  

We can’t help but think of all that carbon dioxide exchange that took place under those sheets.  

We may need to send someone to take a look at Emmanuel’s shoulder and neck because they definitely took the pull when Liquorose grabbed him with excitement after Ebuka announced that he was safe from Eviction. The two have been giving us all sweet feels and the duo is now passionately known as “Emmarose”, thanks to the full-time Ship makers.  

Will we see this Ship officially sailing off in the coming week, or shall we just remain consoled by Liquorose’s statement in a Diary Session from week two, “In due time…”? 

Pere and Maria were back to squabbling and no one understands why? Could it be Ebuka’s spicy questions that reminded them both of their behaviour last week? We could say so, since Maria couldn’t remember her own words from the fight with Queen. These two were busy fighting instead of enjoying their last night in the HoH’s luxurious bedroom. Hopefully, they leave it in one piece or at least with Maria not getting kicked out by Pere again.  

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Pere, Boma, Saga and Emmanuel gathered for a session of gossip discussing food drama, in full clique mode. Never have we seen a group of men who are so concerned about what is going on in the kitchen. We can see that the next Head of House has a tough situation to inherit and navigate.  

On the other hand, the girls gathered in the Garden chatting about the possibility of being Nominated and Evicted. It’s always so sobering for them after the Eviction, and they take time out to reflect on their relationships.  

Peace and Cross had a heart-to-heart moment reflecting about relationships with other Housemates. They basically established trust between each other after Peace’s friend in the House, Arin left. Is it too early to be declaring and promising trust and stronger relationships at this point in the game? Peace expressed to Cross her existing confusion about Maria’s ‘energy’ as she took him through her history with her in the House.  

Ah! We sense a major shift in the #BBNaija House and we can’t wait to see how the week shapes up the dynamics! 

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