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Day 23: Kayvee’s emotional rollercoaster – BBNaija

16 August 2021
It’s worth remembering that Big Brother Housemates are people, too. They have hopes and aspirations, just like us. They have insecurities, just like us. And – just like us – they sometimes might need someone to talk to.
Article Cover - KV Emotional rollercoaster

Kayvee’s entrance into the House was going to be difficult, from the start. As one of a crop of four that was introduced two weeks after the rest of the Housemates had started the game, there was always going to be an “us versus them” landscape, and Kayvee stepped into a bit of a pothole.

It was a game of Truth or Dare – it always is – and he was dared to kiss one of the girls. Kayvee chose Angel – and didn’t know she was in a situationship with Sammie. He couldn’t have – he had only just walked into the House.

When the ship between Sammie and Angel went nuclear, Kayvee felt like the man who had caused it all, and while some of the Housemates reassured him that they didn’t think it was his fault, it’s hard to deny that he was slap-bang in the middle of the fracas. Not a great way to start your game, it must be said.

At first, Kayvee could at least discuss the situation with Angel. She was one of the Housemates who reassured him that he was innocent in all of this – but since her promises that she would never talk to Sammie again turned out to be less-than-totally-accurate, he is unable to confide in her anymore.

Following last night’s Live Eviction Show, Kayvee opened up to Tega, Michael and Saskay about his feelings of isolation and a sense that other Housemates shun him. “I overheard a conversation where people seemed to be calling me a liar, because I talk about being street. It’s hard to be looked at like I’m a liar every time I say something,” he said. Michael, who walked into the House with Kayvee, expressed how difficult it was for the other Housemates to warm up to him because he is standoffish in all kinds of conversations. “Even when people say good morning, it becomes a thing with you,” Michael said.

That conversation didn’t go anywhere though, because Kayvee walked out and sought solitude in the garden for the rest of the evening.

We do know, however, that the Big Brother audience has been reflecting on Kayvee’s apparent struggles with adapting to the House, and some have suggested that it may be cause for concern.

It’s fitting that this follows so closely on from the Eva Soap Task of Saturday – a Task that had the Housemates (and us) reflect on issues of self-image, and the harm that casual contempt can have on people. This is yet another lesson for all of us and – hopefully – the Housemates: you never know what others are going through. We don’t all have a Big Brother watching over us.

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