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Day 21: A scattered bed for Tega – BBNaija

14 August 2021
Tega will not let disrespect go in silence
BBNaiija a scattered bed for tega

Early in the morning, after the Friday Night Jacuzzi party, things took an unexpected turn in the #BBNaija House.  

As Tega entered the room she sleeps in, she discovered that her bed cover and sheets had been shoved and moved around. What an annoying sight for tired Tega who screamed out loud, “Who unlaid my bed?” 

She then started flipping everyone’s bed because the person who did that to hers was not coming out to say the truth. Meanwhile, in the Red Room, Nini, Jackie B, Angel, Michael, and Sammie knew exactly who did it.  

Instead of telling her, they kept quiet to protect the culprit while others helped her investigate who did it. Head of House, Pere also knew about the bedsheet heist but kept mum and played along as well as if he knew nothing. 

It was certain that no one was going to go to bed in Biggie’s House when Tega took a pot and a spoon which she started beating together to wake everyone up. She was adamant to know why anyone would take her bedspread and not bother to apologise or explain? 

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What could have easily turned into a fight became a jam session as the Housemates started singing along to her beating the pan, which she had intended to use to keep the Housemates awake as payback for ruffling her bed.  

Eventually, Sammie, the culprit, had also played along until he eventually “sacrificed” his bedsheets and laid the bed for her thus claiming to be “Samaritan Sammie”. 

The impractical joke had Cross telling Sammie to relax because all they wanted at that time was to sleep.  

Do you think these pranks and jokes will end in tears? We can only find out as the days in the #BBNaija House go by. 

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