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Day 20: The ships' graveyard – BBNaija

13 August 2021
Is somebody at the helm of these ships? Because we're in some choppy waters!
Ships graveyard

The new Housemates have been running more ships aground than a drunk sea captain, so we thought it was high time we dredged the ocean floor to take stock of the jetsam. First up, Sammie and Angel are quits, and in a serious way.

Angel seems fairly disgusted with Sammie’s behaviour after Kayvee kissed her during a game of Truth or Dare, claiming he engaged in a bit of slut-shaming and name-calling, which is some pretty poor behaviour from a grown man reacting to a game everyone was playing. It upset her enough that she just decided to call their budding relationship off, but their entire friendship, dishing out that perennial favourite punishment – the silent treatment.

Which isn’t exactly grown-up behaviour, either, we must admit.

Less dramatically, and so very much more mutually, the new Housemates caused Jackie B and Boma to drop their budding ship as if it had suddenly turned radioactive, each focussing their attentions on a new Housemate with the kind of military precision that would probably get Pere to start another of his anecdotes.  Jackie B started hanging out with Michael, and Boma has been playing the role of Queen’s shadow since the night she walked through the doors of the Big Brother House.

An interesting side note, after Jackie B told Angel that she had certain feelings for Michael, Angel put the moves on the object of her affection… moves that are unlikely to endear her to Jackie B or Sammie (although it’s pretty clear she doesn’t care too much about that second one).

Then there’s Nini and Saga – we’ve been wondering about those two for a while, now.  There is no doubt at all that they’re very close and can be seen in each other’s company for most of any day in the House.  Of course, this doesn’t mean they want to get into each other’s delicates – they might just be friends, after all.  If you ask Nini, that’s exactly what they are.  After the “fine boys” entered the House a few days ago, Whitemoney implored her not to break Saga’s heart – a shockingly presumptuous bit of “guidance”, if we may say so.

Nini made it quite clear – and far more politely than we would have ­– that she’s not dating Saga and is free to do whatever she likes. She might also have added that she’s a grown woman and that Whitemoney can keep his suggestions to himself, but she didn’t. 

Then there is the “will they, won’t they”, bizarre situation that is Peria – Pere and Maria have a complicated relationship that has never really taken sail as a fully seaworthy ship, but there is definitely something between them.  Enough so that Maria took massive umbrage at Queen’s suggestion that Pere plays the game strategically, flying into a rage that quickly escalated into a situation that required intervention from the other Housemates.

There are still plenty of relationship dynamics in the House, and plenty of time in which they can play out.  Watch this space.