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Day 20: The Housemates are ‘Unbeatable’ – BBNaija

13 August 2021
Yet another show of art and expression in the House.
BBNaija The Housemates are Unbeatable

Part-two of the Unbeatable Football Task required the #BBNaija Housemates to brainstorm ways to present the theme in art form.  

They had to choose a lead artist who would draw and paint on behalf of the team. At the end of the task, each team would have 5 minutes to present and explain their art piece. 

The Housemates had 60 minutes to collaborate and create masterpieces. Pere, as the HoH had to introduce each team to come and talk about the inspiration behind the paintings.  

Team Jolli – which included MariaLiquorose, Emmanuel, Arin, and Yousef – as winners of the first task, presented their piece first. It was a football pitch which, they say represents life and different people who make up family and strive for survival despite various setbacks and traumas faced in life. They made an interesting effort to connect overcoming life challenges to the dynamics one can observe in a game of football with love as the “coach”.  

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Team Max made up of TegaSaskay, PereBoma, Jackie B and Princess presented their painting, a lion. The King of the Jungle with a football relayed the message of being “the unbeatable one”. Saskay gave an energised presentation, relating the wildcat’s presence to being capable of beating life challenges. Team Max received a long applause from the other teams.  

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Team Compact was represented by Queen, Peace, SammieWhitemoney, JMK and Jaypaul who gave an inspirational speech about life and football which came to a standstill due to the pandemic. The survival of the football through the lockdowns was the teams’ motivation to describe what it is to be unbeatable.  

1628809235 27 screenshot 2021 08 12 at 20.57.46

Team Premium consisting of Saga, NiniKayvee, Michael, Angel and Cross gave a presentation of a colourful painting. The inspiration behind the artwork was Angel’s life story about how her mother had her at a young age, which is signified by the yellow in the piece. She took the Housemates through the story relating it to elements such as thorns and rain – as challenges her mother faced in her life. It was a story of family and sufficiency which lead to being “Unbeatable”. This presentation received the longest applause from the Housemates.  

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After a bit of suspense from the HoH, a winning team was announced. The crown for this part of today’s challenge went to Team Premium who won a cash prize of N1 500 000 which is to be split among team members. 

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