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Day 2: The first of many Diary Sessions

26 July 2021
“Please make your way to the Diary Room.” Thus, it begins.
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Today saw the first ever set of Diary Sessions for this Season of Big Brother, and the vibes are still positive, if the Housemates’ comments are anything to go by. While almost all the Housemates admitted that it is still early days, there were nearly no negative comments about anybody – yes, we said “nearly”.

Maria made a point of noting that, “the guys are really nice”, and that she’s “really comfortable with them”, which was somewhat surprising, as she had just had something of a heated discussion with Whitemoney. We guess she’s just not the kind to take that sort of thing personally, which is probably a good thing, given the weeks she has ahead of her.

Whitemoney, for his part, thinks the Housemates come to him because he has aspects they like, which is a bold statement from somebody who’s only been the House for two days – although he has been making himself more than useful in the cooking department, so he may be onto something.

Many of the Housemates couldn’t contain their joy at being given the opportunity to take part in the show.  Yerins described it as a “once in a lifetime experience”, while Saga said he is “so grateful to be here.”

Actually, Saga had a lot to say about a lot: he described the men as being guys with talent, grit and ambition, the women as “fine girls”, and he also described his two hours of “just misbehaving” on his first night in the House, a situation he put an end to by telling himself he needed to get it together.

It wasn’t unadulterated good vibes, though.  Maria, according to Tega, is a pain in the “derrière” – except she’s not French, so she didn’t exactly put it quite like that.  Saga, meanwhile, didn’t think that Sammie’s talk about his struggles was entirely legit – “that’s his method, or his strategy.” “It’s been used over and over.”

Okay – now we know how he feels.

There was also a lot of talk about the two weeks the Housemates spent in complete isolation before entering the Big Brother House. Most of them described it as “hard” – which is probably engaging in the direst of understatement. “I felt tortured,” said Maria, which is a lot closer to how we would expect it to be characterised. “It was tough, Biggie,” was Beatrice’s heartfelt contribution.

Despite admitting that it was hard, many of the Housemates claim the ordeal led to positives.  “Big Brother, that experience,” said Princess, “it was a great experience.  That process made me discover myself.”

Many of the Housemates, including Liqorose and Cross, said they passed the time reading their Bible, while Niyi took it a step further and decided to preach to the cleaner during their brief moments together.

The winner for the most obvious remark of the Day?  Well, that must go to Emmanuel, whose admittedly to-the-point description of his time in isolation came out as, “it was really boring.”

No kidding? Would never have guessed.

Not everyone was overjoyed. Clearly looking uncomfortable when sitting down for his session, Yousef’s demeanour caught the attention of Biggie, who said the Housemate looked nervous.

“That’s true, Big Brother.  I’m still trying to connect with the House.  I feel different.”

He said that he hoped he didn’t make the Housemates uncomfortable with how he operates, “coming from the North, and praying and all of that.”

“Take a deep breath,” came Biggie’s reply.  “People of different backgrounds were deliberately chosen.  You are all guests.  You are all equal.  Your beliefs are to be respected and, in some rare cases, celebrated.”

Big Ups, Big Brother.

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