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Day 15: Week 2 in Biggie's House – BBNaija

08 August 2021
It has been a crazy week in the Big Brother Naija House.
BBNaija A week-full of tears

The second week in the #BBNaija House was nothing short of drama, revelations, and fights. It seems as if everyone has managed to find a place and group to belong to.

We saw the formation of cliques and new Ships going afloat and some already sinking like the Titanic. Here’s a recap of the second week in Africa’s most-watched House:

Head of House Games

BBNaija Shine Ya Eye geng keenly contested in a ‘Game of Balls’ for the week’s Head of House title. Boma emerged as winner, making him the second HoH of the Season, taking over from Peace who carried it in the first week.

Similar to the previous HoH game, each Housemate had to roll a ‘six’ from the ‘Start’ position immediately after the buzzer went off. The game had six coloured stickers randomly placed on its steps, and each colour represented an obstacle that players had to overcome until they reached the end zone.

After winning, Boma chose Jackie B as his Deputy and they both had the opportunity to spend the week in the luxury suite.  



After the shocking Wildcard revelation which left the Housemates stunned, they inevitably had to go through their first Nomination round.

Beatrice, Yerins, Jaypaul, Niyi and Whitemoney were the first names of the Season to be called out for possible Eviction tonight. Fortunately for Jaypaul, Head of House Boma exercised the power of veto and replaced him with Yousef.  

The five Housemates’ fate in the reality show will be announced at the Live show on Sunday evening.


Would it still be Biggie’s House if the wahala was absent? Definitely not! We witnessed fights left, right and center this week, we didn’t know where to look! Firstly, the Housemates gave us some much-needed entertainment when they played the Truth or dare game last Sunday. We were shocked as the most unexpected people exchanged kisses and touches while one of the Ships from the previous week seems to run aground.

The Housemates spent some time sorting through beans as punishment from Biggie after they ignored an instruction given to them through Angel during the Diary sessions. This week we also saw so many tears we could not believe it. On Friday, the Housemates engaged in multiple related and unrelated fights. It was gbas gbos everywhere we almost lost track, but the Housemates kept us up to speed in the Diary Sessions where Biggie asked the tough questions. Do you remember the bread fight? We wonder if food will be the cause of another fight in the House soon?


At this point, the Ship formations in the House are leaving us dizzy. The Season started with a quickly blossoming Ship between Sammie and Angel, but it quickly took a blow on Sunday after the Wildcard reveal when the Housemates engaged in the Truth or dare game. Angel was dared to kiss Boma and Saga which she did with no hesitation, leaving Sammie feeling a bit insecure about throwing himself into her chest too soon. Literally.

Angel – who has made it clear a few times about not being his girlfriend – was also seen on top of Yousef after last Saturday Night Party. Should we accept that Angel is here for the cash and these cruise games are just a part of the strategy?

Another Ship that gained clarity this week was that of Nini and Saga’s. Nini sat Saga down and explained that all she wanted from him was friendship and she didn’t want to mess up what they have going on. This sounds like the guy has been friendzoned ,but their vibe still has us scratching our heads. They have been inseparable, spending most of their time together talking about their families, friends, and gossip. They have created a little clique with Arin and Peace, but we think all of this is a cover for Saga to stay close to his dear Nini because he simply can’t keep his eyes off her. We are also keeping a close eye on their apparent ‘friendship’ because anything could happen in Biggie’s House.

We can all see the complicated situationship between Pere and Maria. These two have been through a lot, from being the Wildcards to teaming up, playing House, and throwing verbal jabs at each other. Everyone is rooting for this pair to get together, but do you think they would build a healthy Ship? Not to forget the Emmarose Ship. That one is complicated, but we are keen to see what comes out of it as the Season unfolds.


The Tasks this week kept the Housemates busy and literally on their feet. The Housemates had their first Token Challenge of the season which challenged them to think out of the box. They had to get into three groups and each team was required to create an art piece using the items provided by Biggie. Each team gave it their all, but only one could win and it was group 2, ‘Eye of the Eagle’.

Another Task the Housemates participated in was the Airtel Task. This Task required the geng to dive deep into their arts and performance skills and write a perfect sequel to the Airtel Ghost advert. Another fun creative activity they did was the WAW Task where they had to write a song or a poem on the WAW brand and its unique offerings.

On Friday, the Housemates showed off their strength and endurance during the Abeg Task, which was a tribute to all the gallant men and women in service. It was made up of five challenges requiring each Housemate to complete it in under two minutes. They each gave their all but Liquorose and Sammie took the win, each receiving a 500 Abeg Naira reward.

Aside from the Tasks that Biggie had planned for then, the Shine Ya Eye Geng finally gave us the fashion show they had been planning since their third day in the House and boy, it was entertaining!


It goes down on the #BBNaija dancefloor, guys; there is no doubt about this. This week's Saturday Night Party was one for the books as the Housemates showed up dressed by Wilo. The drinks kept flowing thanks to Gordon’s, and the vibe was kept alive by DJ Nana and Boomplay. The Housemates couldn’t keep their hands off each other, as can be seen from the pictures on social media that are giving us all the FOMO. Obviously, tears were shed, once again, another blacked out and Whitemoney and Beatrice had an interesting take on making noodles.

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