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Day 14: Sing a tune with WAW – BBNaija

07 August 2021
Music has a way of bringing people together and this is true with our Housemates.
WAW Fight

Today’s Waw Task brought Housemates together to write either a song or a poem for the Waw Washing Detergent.

Jaypaul’s team had an exceptional jam session where they explored not only word use but harmonies. The jingle took a familiar route of a reggae fusion, a sound we have come to know as authentic to Jaypaul. Their excitement as they took turns to build their song was one of the most interesting moments the Housemates shared today. 

In an unexpected plot twist, the second Brief advised the Housemates to exchange their songs with each other and create a rendition of each team’s jingles. This exchange had Arin a little shocked and confused but she wasn’t the only Housemate that took this badly. Boma came back to confront Team Classic WAW over the poem they received and ended up in a heated exchange with Angel that left her feeling quite emotional after being riled up. 

Tempers flared as Housemates had to start over and figure out how to make their new lyrics more musical. The third brief gave Housemates a chance to once again showcase their acting skills. We can’t help but wonder if the next Nollywood superstars will arise from this WAW Task? 

We don’t know yet but we sure can’t wait to find out the ultimate winner of this Task. Fingers crossed!😊

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