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Day 13: Mad fights in the House – BBNaija

06 August 2021
It’s a quarrel fest; can you keep up?
BBNaija Mad fights in the House

Shhh! The thin walls in Biggie’s House can't keep secrets – and today’s fights are nothing short of the quarrel fest we’ve all been anticipating.

Just after 13 days in the House, cracks are starting to show up as a result of misunderstandings, leading the ladies down a rabbit hole of gbas gbos.

As Big Brother’s Diary Session was underway this afternoon, the ladies gathered in the closet where two fights erupted.

It is the second day we see Maria in a war of words in the House. Maria and Jackie B set the scene with a heated exchange, and this almost led to Princess getting in trouble for laughing. We don’t blame her though because some of the exchanges put a chuckle in our throats. Words and names that we can’t even reiterate ourselves were shouted, but we can’t blame them. 22 complete strangers living in a House in perfect harmony, would be a dream come true.

Keeping to the spirit of fighting, we saw another altercation between Tega and Nini. What could have simply been a matter of conversation turned into a vicious exchange of ‘f-bombs’. All because of a chair. Tega allegedly grabbed and pulled a chair that Nini was resting her feet on without letting her know. Nini did not take this well and we are not surprised after we saw her lashing out at Pere just a week ago. Respect seems to be a major value to all the Housemates but are they doing well in communicating it with one another?  

It does not end there. All the fights seemed intertwined and involve a lot of Housemates. One would assume their stay in the House is driving the geng nuts, but it honestly feels like we didn’t get the memo. Pere has become very unpopular in the House, as he has been called fake by some Housemates who say that he has been gossiping and stirring up drama for the geng. We saw him questioning Sammie and Angel’s status and trying to play the role of cupid, even though he offered to share a bed with Angel. 

Gossip is the plug keeping all the wahala alive among the Shine Ya Eye geng. We saw a fired-up confrontation between Liquorose and Beatrice when she overheard her and Angel talking about the other Housemates, in the early hours of the day. This didn’t go well with Liquorose who felt she deserved transparency and realness from them.

Currently, the state of peace in the House is shaky, but we hope that the Abeg Task Challenge and Jacuzzi party will make them melt these tensions a bit.

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