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Day 12: Housekeeping challenges – BBNaija

05 August 2021
It’s not every day that we see grown men arguing about bread.
BBNaija Housekeeping challenges

Today, we learned that the Big Brother Naija reality show is not only a place for those with hunger for money but those with hunger for bread too.

After the Housemates finished their energising workout this morning, some took to the kitchen to clean up and prepare breakfast. The chores were interrupted by an argument that broke out between Cross and Niyi regarding bread.

Cross was upset by Niyi’s apparent utterances, especially the statement, “first come, first serve”. He felt that the nominated Housemate, Niyi, was being selfish with the bread. On the other hand, Niyi expressed that he usually gets bread after others have already served themselves.

As voices were being raised, Whitemoney kept the argument fiery, casually adding some of his proverbial statements such as, “I told you guys that bread will soon be an extraordinary commodity”, and “man shall not live by bread alone”. Some would say he was adding fuel to the fire, but we can’t help feeling the peacekeeping intention behind the laughter and jokes. Other Housemates found the bread fight amusing, and we could see them gobbling up some remaining pieces in a corner.

The bread issue became a major topic of discussion, triggering other housekeeping issues such as cleaning up the toilet – which we have seen the Housemates complaining about since their first weekend together. Out of our view, Housemates are apparently not being considerate, leaving a mess behind them.

In conclusion, Boma – as Head of House – decided that they would use pen and paper to track the shopping requirements to make sure that everyone has what they really need and bought.

It’s clear that winning the money is not the only thing that requires a strategy in the #BBNaija House. Many things are starting to test the Housemates’ patience, and we can’t help but wonder what’s next to put them on edge.

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