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Day 11: Housemates participate in first Token Challenge – BBNaija

04 August 2021
The BBNaija Housemates dust up their artistic skills for the first BB token challenge of the season.
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The Housemates had their first Token Challenge of the season in the most colourful way today. In the afternoon, Housemates received a brief from Biggie telling them to divide themselves into three groups. The group that wins the challenge would be rewarded with valuable BB Tokens. The Housemates were provided with art materials and easels. Each team was required to create an art piece using the items provided.

Housemates were instructed to cut the materials into small pieces and stick them on the easel to create a beautiful collage using their imagination.
The team with the most creative and beautiful collage would win the challenge. The Housemates were given three hours to complete the task and later got another brief from Biggie. This time each team was to pick a representative to give a short presentation explaining the idea behind their artwork.

Group 1 was represented by Yerins. The theme of their artwork was ‘Eye on the prize’. According to Yerins, the artwork represents the different emotions the Housemates go through in the BBNaija House.

Saga who represented Group 2, said the theme of his group’s artwork was ‘Eyes of the eagle’. According to his explanation, the artwork represents the Housemates coming out of the house as eagles. Basically their career goals appear clearer to them now that they are in the House.

The third group was represented by Arin. The theme of their artwork was ‘Circle of life’, Their aim was to show the dual nature of life.
Biggie has not announced a winner though. We can’t wait to see which group wins this challenge.

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