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Day 10: Peace considers confronting Sammie – BBNaija

03 August 2021
Sammie is taking chances and risking it all.

 Hey Shippers, gather up you may need some Pythagoras theorem to solve this triangle before we descend into more wahala. 

During today’s Diary Session, Peace expressed frustration over Sammie’s advances towards her and she is not impressed. She made it clear that Sammie’s sly propositions will end up in a confrontation soon. 

After weeks of Sammie and Angel being paired up, Peace finds it disrespectful that Sammie is going behind Angel’s back to talk to her and is considering confronting him if he does it again. What if Sammie is trying to spark a platonic friendship, similar to the one we have seen with Jackie B? 

However, after a heated evening of playing Truth or Dare, we can’t help but wonder if Sammie’s uncertainty with Angel was compounded by the kissing scenes he witnessed during the game. Sammie’s confession to Jackie B about his love for Angel may have taken a low blow. We can’t help but feel sorry for Sammie for his unrequited love.  

The question here is whether Sammie is justified in taking chances at love with other Housemates, or is he risking it all now? 

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